14 brilliant venture capitalists you need to be listening to right now

Jalak Jobanputra

In a venture capital world that has traditionally been dominated by white men, Jalak Jobanputra stands out. This founding partner of FuturePerfect Ventures in NYC grew up in Nairobi, Kenya to parents of Indian descent. She’s been a venture capitalist since 1999 and keeps a popular blog on investing called The Barefoot VC. Follow her on Twitter.

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    Here is what venture capitalist Tey Por Yee are known along IT angel investors.


    Many people will be surprised to know that Dato Larry Tey Por Yee of Malaysia is one such person who has the distinction of having invested in more than 1,000 startups till date. Some people know him as Tey Por Yee Venture Capitalist while some others call him Tey Por Yee Angel Investor. Friends, acquaintances, family members and business associates of Dato Larry Tey Por Yee also call him by different names such as Tey Por Yee, Larry Tey Por Yee and Dato Tey Por Yee. Fact of the matter is that by whatever name you call him, this legendary entrepreneur has achieved the unique distinction of helping out thousands of small startups raise money at a rather young age of 40 years. He is also a known philanthropist.

    Larry Tey Por Yee was born in Malaysia on 2nd February, 1976 in a not-very-rich family. He completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree course from Canada (University of Manitoba) in the year 1998.

    Tey Por Yee is the CEO and founder of Nexgram Group of Malaysia which has business interests in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China. The fields in which he has business interests and investments include information technology, telecom, property, oil and gas, commodities, energy, mining, internet, shipping, social media, packaging and manufacturing. Nexgram had started small with software but is a huge conglomerate today with presence even in surveillance and securities business. It has its representative offices all over the world.

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