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Tim Cook on the $1,000 iPhone X: ‘It’s a value price, actually’

"People are now paying for phones over long periods of times, very few people will pay the price tag of the phone initially," said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Trump used the most controversial phrase inside his administration during his major address to...

Trump went out of the way to drop the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism," a description of extremism that has been the source of controversy for years.

The only thing Trump is doing to end the opioid crisis rewards the companies...

Trump's opioid task force suggested a bunch of ideas, yet the administration is only implementing the one that helps big pharma.

Top Louisiana health official warns GOP healthcare bill’s author that it’ll screw his state

Dr. Rebekah Gee, the health secretary of Louisiana, harshly criticized the newest Obamacare repeal bill from the senaotr from her own state, Bill Cassidy.

Tesla may be about to get a big win in China

Since the mid-1990s, foreign automakers have been compelled to establish joint ventures with Chinese companies, if they want to manufacture vehicles locally.

Nine NBA teams lost money last year, and it’s going to set up a...

Some less-profitable NBA teams think richer teams should contribute more to revenue-sharing while those richer teams scoff at the notion.

A surging Adidas is ‘causing panic internally’ at Nike

Adidas is continuing to eat away at Nike's share of the market.

New Zealand’s fuel shortage hits more flights and petrol stations

FILE PHOTO: Aircraft bearing the logos of Emirates, Air New Zealand and Cathay Pacific airlines at Auckland Airport in New Zealand, June 25, 2017. Reuters WELLINGTON - New Zealand's jet fuel shortage on Tuesday...

There’s one big question mark hanging over OPEC heading into 2018

"One question mark hanging over OPEC for 2018 will be what will happen when al-Falih hands off the rotating presidency."

Trump tells the UN that ‘major portions of the world’ are ‘in conflict’ and...

President Donald Trump said in an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday that "major portions of the world are in conflict."