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Here’s why some Hong Kong skyscrapers have gaping holes

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Have you ever realized that Hong Kong skyscrapers have holes in them? They’re called dragon gates, and according to the Chinese principle feng shui these holes allow dragons to fly from the mountains to the water each day. It’s believed that blocking the dragon’s path could bring misfortune. Buildings with bad feng shui, such as the Bank of China Tower, have been blamed for surrounding companies going out of business.

  • Sinophobia

    what a waste of space. a lot of unit can be build from that holes. why the chinese people so dumb to believe on the feng shui. everything need a feng shui ah? you want to poo you need a fengshui so your chinese poop god can eat your poop eh?

    • ApperShopper

      It’s culture. Your example reflects your personality, like saying all landed properties should be converted to condo else it’s a waste of space.

    • William Wong

      So you like to eat poop ah? That’s really dumb.