Here are the 10 places where it’s cheaper to raise a family in the city than a suburb

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In some places you can save up to $14,000 annually by choosing the city over a suburb.

When the time comes to raise a family, most people tend to flee cities for suburbs expecting they’ll get more bang for their buck.

But a new report from and Zillow reveals 10 popular places in the US where it’s actually cheaper to live in a metro area’s city rather than suburb, thanks to lower housing and childcare costs.

To determine how cost of living compares in the country’s 30 largest metros, and Zillow gathered data on three common living expenses — mortgage payments, property taxes, and childcare costs — for a two-child family living in the median home. Read their full methodology here.

Below, check out the 10 cities where a family can save the most compared with the suburbs. 

10. Pittsburgh

How much you save: $4,258

Annual cost of childcare: $16,999

Annual cost of housing: $6,916

Median home square footage: 1,420

9. San Diego

How much you save: $4,555

Annual cost of childcare: $20,036

Annual cost of housing: $27,803

Median home square footage: 1,336

8. Cincinnati

How much you save: $5,514

Annual cost of childcare: $13,759

Annual cost of housing: $12,607

Median home square footage: 1,420

7. Phoenix

How much you save: $6,567

Annual cost of childcare: $15,747

Annual cost of housing: $26,893

Median home square footage: 1,560

6. Providence

How much you save: $6,974

Annual cost of childcare: $17,504

Annual cost of housing: $12,389

Median home square footage: 1,296

5. Las Vegas

How much you save: $7,318

Annual cost of childcare: $15,846

Annual cost of housing: $10,481

Median home square footage: 1,478

4. Milwaukee

How much you save: $8,227

Annual cost of childcare: $19,688

Annual cost of housing: $7,431

Median home square footage: 1,271

3. Cleveland

How much you save: $9,034

Annual cost of childcare: $15,988

Annual cost of housing: $7,625

Median home square footage: 1,356

2. Baltimore

How much you save: $10,790

Annual cost of childcare: $18,367

Annual cost of housing: $5,904

Median home square footage: 1,292

1. Philadelphia

How much you save: $13,859

Annual cost of childcare: $17,753

Annual cost of housing: $7,402

Median home square footage: 1,254

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