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US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in an undated handout photo provided by the US Army, May 31, 2014.

Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty to deserting his post while serving in Afghanistan

Bergdahl's lawyers said Trump called Bergdahl a traitor 45 times during the presidential campaign, making it harder for him to get a fair trial.
Jim Coleman, the father of the woman recently freed from captivity in Afghanistan, says he cannot understand the actions her husband took

The father of the newly freed American woman held in captivity for 5 years lashes out at her husband

While the parents of newly freed Taliban captive Caitlan Coleman are glad she's coming home, her father says he is furious at her husband who brought her there.
Taliban Social media image of American Caitlan Coleman her Canadian husband Joshua Boyle and their two children

The family freed after 5 years of Taliban captivity is finally en route to Canada after initially refusing to board a US plane

Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman were held hostage by the Taliban-linked Haqqani network for five years after they were abducted while traveling in Afghanistan.

An American woman held in Taliban captivity for 5 years was ‘defiled’ in an underground prison where she gave birth by flashlight

After being held by the Taliban affiliated Haqqani network for 5 years, the newly free Canadian-American couple describe the horrific conditions the endured.
Christopher Roybal.

Afghanistan veteran and Las Vegas shooting victim described harrowing firefight in a Facebook post, months before his death

The Facebook post, dated July 18, began with the message: "'What's it like being shot at?'"

‘You can’t drone your way out of a problem’: David Petraeus shares 5 key lessons from 15 years of fighting terrorism

Petraeus said that fighting extremism is a generational conflict, that can't be solved with a simple drone strike.

3 US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan attack to ‘avenge’ offensive leaflets dropped by the US

The leaflets had a common Islamic creed superimposed on a dog — considered by Afghanis to be an unclean animal.

Taliban releases video of fighters imitating US special forces

The video is unusual, since most Taliban videos show their fighters wearing turbans and beards.

Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy could add to the Air Force’s burdens

The details of the US's expanded campaign in Afghanistan are unknown, but a more vigorous fight could put more strain on the US Air Force.

The Air Force has made a big personnel move to address its ongoing pilot shortage

The Air Force has appointed a one-star general to lead its aircrew crisis task force, the highest officer to hold the job.