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Breathing regular air in America kills thousands of people every year

A new study looking at levels of key pollutants over 12 years in the United States suggests there is no "safe" level of air pollution.

The EPA wants to know what you think about scrapping air-pollution and radiation rules

To repeal a regulation, the EPA has to go through the same process it used to create the regulations. And that gives the public a chance to comment.

An MIT startup made a simple device that turns filthy car exhaust into beautiful ink

The founders of Graviky Labs claim every 30 mL of their water-resistant inks "negate 45 minutes worth of pollution."

The best and worst countries in the world when it comes to air pollution and electricity use

Global rankings show how China, the US, and other countries stack up when it comes to air quality, energy use, and renewables.

China’s smog has gotten so bad, it’s almost impossible to see skyscrapers from the air

As of Wednesday, Beijing was under an "red alert" for smog — the highest of four levels — and a "yellow alert" for fog.

Photos of China’s ‘Airpocalypse’ — where industrial smog makes the country a living hell for half a billion people

As a person who has lived in China for 18 years, the first time I saw blue sky and white clouds were four years ago when I first arrived in Boston for college.

These are the countries around the world with the worst air pollution

92% of the population lives in places with pollution higher than what's considered healthy, according to a new report by the World Health Organization.

This company is turning car exhaust into inks and paints

Graviky Labs' Kaalink can hook onto tailpipes to make inks, pens, paints, and spray-paints made entirely from carbon emissions.

The states with the dirtiest air will surprise you

California has some really bad air.