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It looks like China accidentally revealed plans for a massive aircraft carrier and submarines to rival the US

A major Chinese ship builder briefly posted, and then deleted, images of ships and weapons systems that reveal China's plans to rival the US.
An EA-18G Growler launches from the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the Arabian Gulf

It looks like the US will hold back the big guns from military drills as North Korea talks loom

The carrier deployments may have spooked North Korea in the past, as it released a propaganda video if its missiles destroying key US weapons systems.
The Intrepid now rests at Pier 86 in New York City.

See inside the historic World War II-era aircraft carrier that was hit by 4 Japanese kamikazes and a torpedo and served in the Vietnam War

The USS Intrepid was one of America's most prolific World War II-era aircraft carriers, having participated in numerous campaigns in the Pacific theater.

Celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday with a video of his namesake aircraft carrier doing donuts and hairpin turns at high speed

Aircraft carriers are surprisingly fast and agile as is evident by this footage of the USS Abraham Lincoln basically doing donuts in the open ocean.
An aerial view of HMS Queen Elizabeth on December 7, 2017.

I was invited on the Royal Navy’s newest and most powerful aircraft carrier — here’s what it was like

HMS Queen Elizabeth was abuzz with preparation for a visit by Queen Elizabeth II just two days later.
US Navy aircraft carriers USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt, and USS Nimitz and their strike groups in the Western Pacific with ships from the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The US Navy deployed 3 aircraft carriers from the West Coast this year — and it underscores an ongoing issue of readiness

The 3 carrier exercise will have "detrimental impacts to both retention and future experience levels" of the pilots left without aircraft.
Eugene Burton Ely flies his Curtiss Pusher biplane from the USS Birmingham, in Hampton Roads, Virginia, during the afternoon of November 14, 1910.

107 years ago, the Navy launched a plane from a ship for the first time

Eugene Ely's biplane successfully took off from the USS Birmingham on November 14, 1910, narrowly avoiding a collision with the water.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

With 3 aircraft carriers nearby, Mattis lays down the law for North Korea

Mattis' statement took on new weight in North Korea's border with three US aircraft carriers in or heading to the Pacific.