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Amazon Prime Now is convenient in the right situations.

I used Amazon’s free 2-hour delivery service while ill — and it’s clear why it’s becoming the brand’s secret weapon in ...

Amazon Prime Now isn't yet an everyday service for me, but it comes in handy when you can't leave the house for whatever reason.

Amazon Prime has 100 million members — here’s how to decide if it’s worth the cost

Amazon Prime has reached 100 million members, but whether the premium service is worth the cost depends on how you weigh the pros and cons.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos explains why he will never be satisfied with Amazon’s success

Amazon's Jeff Bezos says that he loves that customers are "divinely discontent."

Amazon is gaining ground after Jeff Bezos reveals how many people pay for Prime

It's the first time Jeff Bezos has said how many people pay for Prime.

Whole Foods is retiring all of its loyalty programs before integrating with Amazon Prime

Whole Foods is ending all of its rewards programs and online features in May.
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos finally revealed how many people pay for Amazon Prime

Amazon's Jeff Bezos revealed Prime's membership numbers for the first time.

The 18 best perks you get with an Amazon Prime membership

Amazon Prime is much more than just free two-day shipping.

Amazon has an underground subculture that trades reviews for deals — and the company is finally cracking down

Some Amazon sellers are bypassing its terms of service and offering to reimburse people who write reviews of their products.

Amazon customers are freaking out after their accounts were closed — and they say it reveals the dark side of the company’s ‘totalit...

Packages are just a small piece of what Amazon controls as the company's tentacles extend throughout modern life.
An Amazon warehouse worker fulfills Amazon orders.

Furious customers say they’ve been mysteriously locked out of their Amazon accounts — and they have no idea why

Hundreds of Amazon Prime members are taking to social media to complain that their accounts have been mysteriously closed over the past week.