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OnePlus has fixed a terrifying bug that made some of their newest smartphones reboot when you tried to call 911

You wouldn't know about the glitch until you actually had to use 911 in an emergency.

Legendary Pokémon are finally coming to ‘Pokémon Go,’ something fans have been asking from the start

The wildly popular "Pokémon Go" is finally getting Legendary Pokémon.

Nintendo’s new console just got an online service

The Nintendo Switch is getting an online service in 2018, but a free, limited version is already available now.

Here’s how to get your new pair of Snap Spectacles up and running

Now that you've gotten your hands on a pair of Snapchat Spectacles, here's how to set them up with your phone and start recording video.

Nokia phones are coming back — and the newest model may have just leaked online

Leaked images and a new pair of reports say that we'll soon see another high-end smartphone using the famed Nokia brand.

This is our best look yet at the upcoming successor to Google’s Pixel smartphones

The Pixel 2 XL could look a lot nicer than the original Google Pixel.