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Apple is falling after Google inks a deal with HTC

Apple's stock is falling after competition from Google heats up as Google acquires part of HTC.

The 20 best smartphones in the world

We ranked the best phones you can buy right now, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel, the iPhone 7, OnePlus 5 and more.

The new $999 iPhone X proves 2 important things about the future of technology

The Apple iPhone X will cost $999. What insights can we divine from that?

5 ways Apple’s iPhone X is catching up with Android phones

Android phones have had some of the new iPhone X features for years, but the iPhone X has closed the gap.

The flagship phone from the creator of Android is getting a headphone jack — but as a paid accessory

It will come as part of a 'high-end audio accessory' Essential is working on.

Everything we know about Google’s upcoming smartphone, the Pixel 2

The first Pixel was so good that we almost forgot about the next one.

Google is going to announce its new high-end Pixel smartphones on October 4

The "Made by Google" event will take place on the same day as last year, and will probably see more than just two phones announced.

Apple just convinced me to stay with iPhone and not ditch for Android

I considered ditching Apple for Android. Now, I'm gearing up to buy an iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

Qualcomm published a list of Android ‘firsts’ ahead of Apple’s iPhone 8 launch, but it made a few mistakes

The two companies are fighting a court battle over intellectual property.

This chart shows how brilliantly effective Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s mobile app strategy has been

Six out of the top ten most downloaded Android apps in August are Facebook properties.