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Critics are slamming the new iMessage-like feature coming soon to all Android phones for not being secure

A new app called "Chat" will soon replace the default "Messages" app on Android, but from a security standpoint, it's hardly an upgrade.

Google wants to replace texting

Google is spearheading an initiative to replace traditional SMS texting with a new standard called RCS. It will bring iMessage-like features to Android.

Motorola’s brand-new $250 Moto G6 makes me question why I pay so much for a smartphone

If $700 phones are out of your budget, the Moto G6 is going to be hard to beat.
Parents were warned about Private Photos (Calculator%).

Apple pulls app used by teenagers to hide photos behind a calculator amid police investigation

Apple appears to have removed Private Photos (Calculator%) from the App Store.

6 things Google’s Pixel 2 does better than the Samsung Galaxy S9

The Pixel 2 doesn't do a lot of things better than the Galaxy S9, but it's better where it really counts.

There’s a better way to get smartphone notifications that makes people less stressed — and it doesn’t require eliminating them all

Batching notifications into sets that people receive three times a day made them happier, less stressed, feeling more productive, and more in control.

Over 80% of teenagers prefer iPhone to Android — and that’s great news for Apple

Apple's iPhone reigns supreme in America's high schools.

Battle Royale: These massive hits are battling to be the biggest video game in the world

As "Fortnite" and "PUBG" have taken over, with tens of millions of players each, the race to be the biggest game in the world has never been more intense.
The iPhone X.

I switched to the iPhone X after years on Android — and I have no regrets

Apple's iPhone X, while pricey, is so much more secure than my previous Android phones, and it's truly a beautiful device.