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Apple responds to top senator’s privacy questions about the iPhone X’s face scanner

Read the full letter Apple wrote to Senator Al Franken detailing how Face ID works on the iPhone X.
Both Apple and Microsoft are making expensive pro-level laptops.

Microsoft says its new laptops are twice as powerful as the MacBook Pro — here’s what that means

Microsoft is mounting a direct challenge to Apple's MacBook Pro laptops.

China’s Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are the worst smartphone brands for the environment

Greenpeace also criticised the tactic of planned obsolescence.

The iPhone 7 might be outselling Apple’s brand new iPhone 8

The good news is that the first iPhone X shipments have left China.
The late Bill Campbell (pictured) learned the test of true leadership from Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos’ mentor used a simple test to figure out who is a true leader

Late Silicon Valley 'coach' Bill Campbell encouraged his colleagues to think about the true definition of leadership.
Steve Jobs only wanted the best.

Former Apple CEO John Sculley explains why Steve Jobs was the best recruiter he ever met

Former Apple and Pepsi CEO John Sculley reflected on the traits that made Steve Jobs such a talented recruiter.
Tim Cook's iPhone X peeks out of his pocket.

Tim Cook’s iPhone X won’t stay in his pocket

Of course Apple CEO Tim Cook is already using the iPhone X.