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A US Army Special Forces weapons sergeant trains Nigerien soldiers in Diffa, Niger, in March 2017. The US has been slowly escalating its presence in both Niger and the rest of the African continent.

Senators were shocked to learn the US has 1,000 troops in Africa — but the Pentagon just said the total is actually over 6,000

After four US soldiers were killed in Niger, senators are shocked that the US has 1,000 soldiers in Africa. The Pentagon just said the actual total is 6,000.

John Kelly defends Trump’s controversial call to a Gold Star family and confirms that Obama didn’t call after his son died

The White House chief of staff, John Kelly, said he advised President Donald Trump on what to say to the widow of a US soldier killed in Niger this month.

Congresswoman calls Trump ‘a sick man’ after he accused her of lying about his conversation with a dead soldier’s widow

Rep. Frederica Wilson responded to President Donald Trump's claim that she "totally fabricated" comments that he made to the widow of a slain soldier.

North Korean special forces are training to invade South Korea with paragliders

Paragliders can fly below radar and can also be easily folded down for transportation.

US officials: 4th Green Beret missing after Niger ambush has been found dead

The names of the first three Green Berets were also released.

Watch Lockheed Martin’s laser beam system burn drones out of the sky

In this video of an August test, Lockheed Martin's ATHENA laser weapon system burns down five drones. Laser weapons have huge advantages for the US...

Why Green Berets are the smartest, most lethal fighters in the world

They call themselves the quiet professionals. Their official title is US Army Special Forces, and they are one of the most elite fighting groups in the world.

The US has 1.3 million troops stationed around the world — here are the major hotspots

More than 450,000 US troops are stationed overseas, in hotspots like Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

29 photos of the US’s war in Afghanistan — a fight James Mattis has said ‘we are not winning’

Trump is likely to send roughly 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, extending a war that has lasted 16 years and yielded few permanent gains.