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Jeff Bezos' $23 million purchase could be the key to finding HQ2.

Jeff Bezos’s $23 million mansion is a big reason he may pick Washington, DC, for HQ2

The elite in DC live in ritzy Kalorama neighborhood. We walked through it to see why Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and the Obamas live there.

You can now bid on the black outfits celebrities wore to the Golden Globes — and the money will go to the same cause they did it for

Dresses worn by Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, and Margot Robbie will be among those auctioned off on eBay from Friday.
Roger Frampton, 33.

Meet Roger Frampton, the international model and personal trainer who chooses stretches over weights and ‘can teach you to move like a 3-year-ol...

Frampton's book "The Flexible Body" promises to get you moving the way you were designed to by working out for just 10 minutes a day.
The Virtual Currency Girls perform in Tokyo in January.

See the bitcoin-themed pop group that’s taking Japan by storm

The eight women who make up the group "Virtual Currency Girls" sing songs about the digital currencies.

After traveling to 24 countries, I found people all around the world have the same 5 mistaken ideas about Americans

If you're an American traveling abroad, you're going to hear a lot of stereotypes about the United States. Some of these stereotypes are way off-base.

The photographer who documented Michelle Obama for 4 years in the White House reveals what the former first lady’s life was like, on and off the...

Michelle Obama's photographer, Amanda Lucidon, shares what her time in the White House was like in a new book, "Chasing Light."

Keira Knightley doesn’t like playing modern-day characters because they ‘nearly always get raped’

Knightley, who is best known for her work in period dramas, believes that women in modern-day films are either raped or a doting wife or girlfriend.

Meghan Markle has proved her dominance over the ‘Kate effect’ — and it’s worth $677 million

Kate Middleton has paved the way for Meghan Markle to wield incredible influence in the British fashion industry — and Markle may overtake her.

Just 9 of the world’s richest men have more combined wealth than the poorest 4 billion people

If these top billionaires continue to see returns on their wealth, we could see the world's first trillionaire in as little as 25 years.
The line between an amazing vacation and a travel disaster is very thin.

There are 3 things you need to know before traveling to Cuba — and it will make or break your trip

Cuba is a unique country to visit. Knowing a few travel tips beforehand can make your trip a lot more fun and a lot less stressful.