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Starbucks has been fending off the robot takeover for years — and any company can take a lesson from its methods

Starbucks knew early on that investing in employees would pay off — even as automation threatens jobs, says Scott Galloway, author of "The Four."

Deutsche Bank CEO: A ‘big number’ of our staff will be replaced by technology

'We have to find new ways of employing people and maybe people need to find new ways of spending their time,' Cryan told a conference in Frankfurt.

CITI: Retail jobs will ‘vanish’ due to technology and it ‘will affect every city and region’

'The lesson of the twentieth century has been that most jobs that become automatable eventually disappear.'

12 jobs robots are taking over the fastest

These jobs are already being automated.

A programmer figured out how to automate his job and work 2 hours a week — but he’s not sure it’s ethical

An anonymous programmer said he was starting to feel guilty about how he quietly turned his whole job into less than two hours of work a week thanks to code.

Women are twice as likely than men to lose their jobs to robots

Twice as many women than men are likely to lose their jobs as automation replaces human labor, according to a recent report.

A new website calculates the probability that a robot will take over your job

"Will Robots Take My Job?" calculates the probability of automation replacing human workers by profession.

CEO of robot company says his creepy headless machines could soon roam the streets

Marc Raibert loves building robots, and his beloved toys at Boston Dynamics could end up transforming how we live and work.

A top Silicon Valley investor predicts robots will change our economy ‘on the order of the Industrial Revolution’

Sam Altman, president of startup accelerator Y Combinator, says robots are coming in droves for human jobs.

9 tech giants who think robots could replace countless American jobs over the next 20 years

According to most available data, the next 20 years will involve rapid automation of millions of jobs. Here's how top tech execs are responding.