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Starbucks has been fending off the robot takeover for years — and any company can take a lesson from its methods

Starbucks knew early on that investing in employees would pay off — even as automation threatens jobs, says Scott Galloway, author of "The Four."
Larry Ellison announced a new database during Oracle's opening keynote on Sunday evening.

Oracle announces a new automated database that can patch cybersecurity flaws itself

"It will be less than one half of what Amazon charges you. We will write that in your contract," Oracle chairman Larry Ellison said on Sunday.

The only way to stay ahead of the robots taking over our jobs is to start now, says the founder of ‘blue collar LinkedIn’

Jobcase CEO and founder Fred Goff shared his advice on coping with the automation of work.
IBM invests about $500 million annually on the professional development of employees.

Digital badges are the newest effort to help employees stave off the robots — and major companies are getting on board

Some companies are starting to embrace ongoing skill-based learning programs for their employees. IBM, EY, and Salesforce have begun issuing digital badges.

This pie chart shows how Goldman Sachs is trying to become the Google of Wall Street

They're looking to hire techies to build out a number of new initiatives.

Deutsche Bank CEO: A ‘big number’ of our staff will be replaced by technology

'We have to find new ways of employing people and maybe people need to find new ways of spending their time,' Cryan told a conference in Frankfurt.

This colour sorting machine is so accurate it can separate thousands of bad peas per minute

This machine uses highly sensitive colour sensors to separate good and bad food produce. The machine is able to detect and quickly dispose of potentially dangerous...

CITI: Retail jobs will ‘vanish’ due to technology and it ‘will affect every city and region’

'The lesson of the twentieth century has been that most jobs that become automatable eventually disappear.'

Robots are only taking jobs in a narrow part of the country — but that’s affecting all of us

Fears of an imminent robot takeover of the workplace have gained traction after recent advances on self-driving vehicles and increasingly automated factories.

This chart shows where robots are going to replace humans on Wall Street

The robots are coming for Wall Street's jobs, and thanks to a new report by McKinsey & Co, we now know exactly what jobs they are coming for.