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Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, right, pays respects for three New Zealand soldiers killed in Afghanistan, during a ramp ceremony at Bagram Air Base on August 21, 2012.

A former top military official has a wooden box with a sobering reminder about Gold Star families

A former leader's use of a Twitter hashtag has a personal message — a reminder of the lives lost in America's conflict and the burden Gold Star families bear.

Former Obama aides have been raging at Trump over his false claim that Obama didn’t contact families of fallen soldiers

President Donald Trump was harshly criticized after he falsely claimed that President Barack Obama didn't call the families of American soldiers killed in duty.

Trump addresses killing of 4 US soldiers for first time, falsely claims Obama never called Gold Star families

Four US Green Berets were killed in Niger on October 4, when their patrol was ambushed. Trump addressed their deaths for the first time on Monday.
World powers agreed to the Iran nuclear deal in July 2015.

Trump just threatened to end the Iran nuclear deal — here’s what it actually does

The Iran nuclear deal aims to curb Iran's nuclear program by lifting sanctions — here's what the agreement actually says.

Trump just made a huge move that could blow up Obamacare

The Trump administration announced Thursday that it would end the critical cost-sharing-reduction payments to insurers. The move could wreck Obamacare markets.

Trump reportedly ‘threw a fit’ when Mattis and Tillerson told him to keep the US in the Iran deal

President Donald Trump was infuriated when his top advisers pressured him to recertify the Iran nuclear deal in July.

Here’s how much the Clintons and Obama received from Harvey Weinstein

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has given the three biggest names in Democratic politics more than $75,000 directly since the mid-1990s.

Harvey Weinstein has donated over $1 million to Democrats since 2000 – here are some of the biggest names

Harvey Weinstein is one of the Democratic Party's most prolific donors.
Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

TRUMP: Obamacare is ‘Obama’s fault, it’s never going to be our fault’

President Donald Trump said "Obamacare is Obama's fault" despite controlling the law for nearly a year and actively trying to undermine its stability.

Trump celebrated Obama’s call for gun-control legislation following the Sandy Hook shooting

There's a Trump tweet for everything — even for agreeing with Obama on gun control.