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Sen. Bernie Sanders, left, and Sen. Ted Cruz debate over the GOP's tax plan.

‘Don’t interrupt me while I’m interrupting you!’: Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders ribbed each other nonstop at CNN’s debate

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debated on the Republican Party's tax plan, where the two threw several verbal jabs at each other's expense.
Sanders finds out Larry David is his cousin.

Watch Larry David and Bernie Sanders react to the news that they’re actually cousins

On the season four premiere of the PBS show "Finding Your Roots," David and Sanders discovered that they actually are.
Sen. Bernie Sanders in Washington.

‘Morally repugnant’: Bernie Sanders, top Democrats slam Trump’s tax plan

Senate Democrats on Wednesday slammed President Donald Trump's tax reform plan.

Bernie Sanders responds to Hillary Clinton’s criticism that he didn’t afford her adequate ‘respect’

Bernie Sanders dismissed Hillary Clinton's criticism that he and his supporters didn't afford her the same respect she gave Obama after losing the primary.

Hillary Clinton is going after Bernie Sanders harder than ever before — and it could hurt Democrats in 2020

While some dismiss the battle between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders as history, others say it could have a continuing impact on Democratic politics.

Bernie Sanders fires back after Trump attacks his single-payer healthcare plan

President Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders feuded on Twitter over the senator's single-payer health care proposal, which the president called a "curse."

Hillary Clinton has unveiled a new put-down for Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton has a new criticism of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders that she makes in her new memoir and is making in the media: He's not a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders just released a powerful ad for his healthcare plan featuring Obama, John F. Kennedy, and Franklin Roosevelt

Bernie Sanders is gearing up for his "Medicare-for-all" healthcare push with a new ad.

‘Medicare for All’ will be a trap for Democrats if they’re not careful

"Medicare For All" is shaping up to be the healthcare slogan Democrats will run on for several election cycles.

Single-payer healthcare is gaining steam — but there’s a simple reason it won’t happen anytime soon

Bernie Sanders' single-payer healthcare plan is gaining steam among Democratic lawmakers, but it faces a harsh political reality.