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People using Google’s viral app that compares your face to art are complaining that it has an ugly flaw

Google's arts and culture app compares faces with their doppelgänger in paintings. But users are complaining about the results for people who aren't white.
An epoxy mount containing a sliver of a nearly 3.5 billion-year-old rock from the Apex chert deposit in Western Australia.

The oldest known fossils show life on Earth began more than 3.5 billion years ago — and indicate life in the universe may be common

New findings indicate that diverse life existed on our planet before many thought possible — which might mean it's easier for life to evolve than we thought.
Andreessen Horowitz general partner Jorge Conde

Top Silicon Valley VC Andreessen Horowitz is investing $450 million into biotech

Andreessen Horowitz launched its second bio-focused fund to invest $450 million in companies that sit at the intersection of biology and engineering.
Hard tick grasping a dinosaur feather preserved in 99 million-year-old Burmese amber.

A 99-million-year-old fossil shows even dinosaurs got bitten by ticks

It's the first direct evidence we have of the parasites feeding from dinosaurs. It's also the oldest evidence of ticks acting as parasites.
The letter is going up for auction on Dec 12 at Sotheby's along with 70 other science and technology items, including a Nazi code-breaking machine and the 1954 Nobel Prize medal for the polio vaccine.

A private letter from Darwin detailing his doubts about God just sold at auction for $125,000 — here’s what he wrote

The three-page letter from the ailing scientist was auctioned off on Tuesday in New York.

A newly discovered duck-like dinosaur had a neck like a goose’s and claws like velociraptors’

The new specimen indicates it was most likely a semiaquatic dinosaur, able to both swim and move about on land.
A shark that's stunned people still believe it must swim to breathe.

It’s time to stop spreading these popular myths about animals

For each surprising fact about animals, there's always another that's exaggerated, misguided, or just plain wrong.
English is the seventh-most popular undergraduate major for doctors.

A surprising number of doctors were undergrad English majors — and it’s not just about GPA

There's a decent chance your doctor didn't study biology, chemistry, or any other science when they first got to college.