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Without sight, this would be a lively intersection and not a breathtaking view.

Dogs see the world very differently from human beings — here’s how it works

For dogs, the primary sense is actually scent — not sight.

How cats see the world compared to humans

Artist Nickolay Lamm consulted hypothosizes how cats view the world compared to humans. They can see better in the dark but are nearsighted.
Grossed out?

Trump supporters can’t stand the idea of a smelly armpit or a stinky foot, a study found — and psychologists are not surprised

Conservatives who favor Trump are more easily disgusted by the smells of body odor and farts. Sounds weird, but it's backed up by decades of study.

Tiny organisms discovered in Earth’s driest desert raise hopes that life could be lurking in the soil of Mars

When rain hits the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on Earth, dormant microbes spring back to life. This is a model for how life on Mars could persist.

Scientists say they can predict who you’re friends with based on brain patterns alone

Researchers at Dartmouth College scanned the brains of dozens of graduate students and discovered that friends react to the world in strikingly similar ways.

Sleeping in at the weekend might actually be good for you, according to a new study

"This is in effect an argument for lazing around all weekend," said the scientist leading the study.

People using Google’s viral app that compares your face to art are complaining that it has an ugly flaw

Google's arts and culture app compares faces with their doppelgänger in paintings. But users are complaining about the results for people who aren't white.