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Bitcoin mining requires a lot of serious processing power, a lot of serious cooling for those processors, and a lot of power to make it all run.

Bitcoin miners are making it impossible for people to find a crucial component of PC gaming

If you're trying to build a gaming PC and having a hard time finding a high-end NVIDIA GPU, you're not alone — the GTX 1000 series is sold out everywhere.

CRYPTO INSIDER: Bitcoin falls again

Everything you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies today.
Coinbase has a new hire. But it's not this little guy.

The world’s most valuable bitcoin startup just grabbed an ex-Twitter exec to make cryptocurrency more user-friendly

Tina Bhatnagar joins Coinbase with a mission to totally reform customer support at the growing cyrptocurrency exchange.
Gazprom is among a group of energy trading businesses trialling blockchain technology.

A soybean shipment to China became the first commodity deal to use blockchain tech

A soybean shipment became the first international trade to use blockchain, and energy trading outfits Gazprom and Total are trialling a blockchain platform.

OF COURSE governments won’t give up control of money – that’s why crypto is crashing

The promise of bitcoin is that it's anonymous and secure and the government can't touch it. That promise is unfulfilled.
SEC Chair Jay Clayton

Financial watchdogs are going through the cryptocurrency market with a ‘fine tooth comb’

A statement by the SEC and CFTC emphasized the agencies would crackdown on any entity in the digital coin space that isn't compliant.

Cryptocurrencies were unable to pull out of the red after this week’s bloodbath

It was a rough week for cryptocurrencies as more than $100 billion in value was erased.
A man looking at an electronic board displaying Japan's Nikkei average and the stock-price indexes of various countries outside a brokerage in Tokyo in 2014.

A Goldman Sachs trader just named CEO of a crypto firm’s Japanese outpost explains why he’s not scared of regulators

BI Prime: Phillip Gillespie, formerly of Goldman, is joining a cryptocurrency market-making firm as CEO of B2C2 Japan at the end of this month.

CRYPTO INSIDER: North Korea accused of hacks

Everything you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies today.

Bitcoin use under scrutiny in Indonesian island of Bali

Reuters Indonesi...