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Bitcoin popped 3% in minutes

It's the second dramatic price move for the cryptocurrency in as many days.
Traders work in the Citigroup booth on the floor of the NYSE in New York

Citigroup is looking to hire bitcoin pros to sniff out risks in cryptocurrency

Citigroup is looking to staff up a unit of the bank looking at money laundering risk. Two job ads describe a bitcoin certification as a plus.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman speaks at a news conference with other U.S. State Attorney's General to announce a state-based effort to combat climate change in the Manhattan borough of New York City

New York’s attorney general launches an investigation into crypto

It is requesting information from 13 exchanges about the use of bots, outages, consumer protections, and other issues.

Bitcoin exchange Kraken plans to pull out of Japan

The news comes as Japanese regulators ramp up oversight over the country's crypto exchanges.

An $800 million crypto hedge fund says bitcoin’s recent slump can be pinned on the tax man

Tax Day is hanging over US investors, and it might be one reason behind bitcoin's latest sell-off.

Meet the traders, investors, and technologists pioneering crypto on Wall Street

This hasn't been an easy year for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Bitcoin investors fall into one of these 3 categories

Barclays says the crypto craze spread much like an epidemiologist would expect a virus to propagate.

CRYPTO INSIDER: India and Pakistan are cracking down on cryptocurrencies

Both countries separately issued stark warnings for banks against cryptocurrencies.
John D. Rockefeller's descendants' firm, Venrock, is getting into bitcoin.

Bitcoin holds steady above $7,000 as 2 Wall Street legends reportedly eye the crypto market

A firm founded by descendants of John D Rockefeller is diving into the crypto market.

CRYPTO INSIDER: George Soros wants to trade crypto

The billionaire investment manager reportedly wants to begin trading cryptocurrencies at his $26 billion firm.