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Coinbase is going after big hedge fund money with its new cryptocurrency security platform

Coinbase Custody was built to meet the security needs of institutional investors like hedge funds, according to a Medium post by Coinbase's CEO.

Bitcoin trading shops are hiring Wall Streeters to build out the ‘next generation’ of cryptocurrency trading

Bitcoin trading shops are seeking top talent to help build out the cryptocurrency capital markets.

The average bitcoin investor doesn’t plan to sell their coins until they hit more than $190,000

A survey by LendEDU found the average US bitcoin investor doesn't plan to sell their bitcoin until its price reaches $196,165.
CME CEO Terry Duffy

CME head says bitcoin futures will consider the coin’s wild volatility and attract young people

CME, the exchange group, is preparing to launch a bitcoin futures product by the second week of December.

Bitcoin pops after Square says it’s letting some app users buy and sell the cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was on a tear Wednesday after mobile payments company Square confirmed it was letting some people buy and sell bitcoin on its Cash app.
Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey.

Bitcoin investors can now use Square’s Cash app to buy and sell the cryptocurrency

The $15.7 billion payment company won't let you pay friends in bitcoin yet, but you can make investments from the Cash app.
Exchange giant CME said a bitcoin futures product would be ready by year-end.

Interactive Brokers chairman warns that bitcoin futures could ‘destabilize the real economy’

Interactive Brokers Chairman Thomas Peterffy doesn't think bitcoin is ready for the futures market and said bitcoin futures could pose a risk to the economy.
"Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are a really high-potential new technology" said Matt Huang, a partner at Sequoia Capital.

A Sequoia Capital partner explains why he’s not scared of blockchain startups and how it’s changing the VC business

Despite fears of a bitcoin bubble, Sequoia's Matt Huang thinks cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups have big potential — and he's investing millions.
The Notting Hill Bitcoin mansion

Bitcoin and property: Either the future of deals or millennial marketing tool

Even news of a £375,000 new-build in Colchester, Essex managed to generate national headlines once it had a Bitcoin price tag attached.
London Block Exchange founder Ben Dives with the 'Dragoncard.'

A London startup is launching a debit card that lets you spend bitcoin and ethereum

The London Block Exchange's prepaid card will let users spend bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin, and monero wherever Visa is accepted.