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Polestar 1.

Volvo is reinventing its performance brand to compete with Tesla

Volvo is reinventing its Polestar performance sub-brand into an all-electric Tesla competitor.

3 former Tesla factory workers are suing the company over claims of ‘racially motivated abuse’

Three former workers at Tesla's Fremont factory claim they were subject to racial harassment and discrimination during their time at the company.

GM will test self-driving cars in New York City

New Yorkers could see them in early 2018.
The Bombardier Series.

Airbus may have just torpedoed Boeing’s grand plan to kill off a major competitor

Airbus has acquired 50.01% of the Bombardier C Series program for zero cash up front.
Swedish beauty.

Volvo’s most important car yet is the XC60 — here’s what it’s like to drive

The Volvo XC60 is the company's most important car yet because it competes in the crossover segment, which is currently one of the most critical markets.

Tesla’s massive batteries have reportedly started to arrive in Puerto Rico

Tesla ramped up battery production to help Puerto Rico restore power in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Auto-dealers’ stocks got a bump after the hurricanes — but that appears to be ending

The hurricanes wrecked so many cars that they gave a boost to auto sales, as well as automakers' and auto-dealers' stocks.

Americans are obsessed with $80,000 pickup trucks — here are the most luxurious ones on the market

Americans are spending an average of $46,844 on pickups, beating out the starting price of luxury SUVs.

No one is talking about Ford’s biggest business challenge

As electric and self-driving cars come to market, Ford could face its biggest business challenge yet: a used-car apocalypse.

Silicon Valley is struggling to understand Tesla’s Model 3 production problems — here’s why

Silicon Valley is taking a long time to figure out that Tesla is a car company, not a tech company.