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Donald Trump's mental stability has been seriously called into question.

Joe Scarborough goes after Trump’s ‘mental meltdown’

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Joe Scarborough called Trump's fitness to be president in question, accusing him of having a "mental meltdown."
Sen. Ron Johnson speaks with reporters.

2 holdout GOP senators may’ve just put the tax bill over the top

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson and Steve Daines on Friday said they would support the GOP tax bill, possibly giving it enough votes to pass.
Mitch McConnell

The GOP tax bill just hit a $1 trillion snag, and Republicans are scrambling

Senate Republicans were told their "trigger" idea would not comply with Senate rules, so they're rewriting their bill to win over GOP holdouts.

Something very stupid is happening in the Senate right now

They're not just preparing to vote on a bill they haven't read. They're preparing to vote on a bill they haven't written.
US Senator James Lankford

Republicans are talking about adding a ‘trigger’ to the tax bill — and it could end up being a disaster for the economy

A revenue trigger being proposed by Bob Corker and other Senate GOP members would be bad for the economy and is hated by conservative groups.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump

Senate Republicans are getting closer to passing their enormous tax bill

Some Senate Republicans that disliked the GOP tax plan appear to be coming around on the bill, but trouble still remains.
Sen. Bob Corker

Key GOP senator says he wants to take half the Republican tax bill ‘directly to the incinerator’

Bob Corker said that he wants to take the individual side of the GOP tax bill and "throw it in the trash can," but will "swallow" the changes.
President Donald Trump

It’s the ‘most important day of the year’ in Washington

Government-shutdown negotiations, Federal Reserve chair hearings, and the Senate Budget Committee's consideration of the tax bill make Tuesday a huge day in DC.
Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

These are the GOP senators that could take down the Republican tax bill

Possible Republicans defectors from the GOP tax bill include Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Susan Collins, John McCain, Ron Johnson, and more.

The Senate will challenge Trump’s ability to use nuclear weapons whenever he wants

"The fact is that no president, Republican or Democrat, has ever forsworn the first-strike capability ... That has served us for 70 years."