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Top Republican senator: Trump is ‘castrating’ Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

Sen. Corker said that although Trump's Twitter habits concern him, he is most worried about his "castration" of Rex Tillerson.

From Corker to McConnell, here are all the Republican senators Trump has attacked on Twitter

President Donald Trump has used his Twitter to attack a wide array of people, including many members of his own party.
Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan admits Republicans will have to live with Trump’s constant attacks

Donald Trump has been attacking members of his own party on social media ever since he took office. Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee is only his most recent target.
Sen. Todd Young of Indiana

Another Republican senator hints at concern about deficit impact of Trump tax plan

Indiana senator Todd Young said he would not support Trump's tax plan if it were to "blow a hole in the budget."
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has butted heads with his boss Donald Trump, and has struggled to contain him

John Kelly reportedly has a strategy to stop Trump from soliciting advice from random people at Mar-a-Lago

With the relationship between Trump and John Kelly being reportedly "irreparable," Kelly has come up with a plan to control who Trump talks to at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump reportedly thought Bob Corker was too short to be secretary of state

President Donald Trump escalated his attacks on Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, on Tuesday, calling him "Liddle," mocking the senator's physical size.
President Donald Trump.

Trump brushes off concerns that his feud with Bob Corker could ruin GOP tax reform efforts and says a ‘stronger’ plan is coming soon

President Donald Trump said Republicans are "well on our way" to passing a massive tax reform package, despite his growing feud with Sen. Bob Corker.

New York Times releases audio to instantly debunk Trump’s claim that the paper ‘set up’ Bob Corker

President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that The New York Times "set Liddle' Bob Corker up by recording his conversation."

Trump escalates feud with ‘Liddle Bob Corker’ over New York Times interview in which senator said Trump could prompt World War III

President Donald Trump admonished Sen. Bob Corker on Tuesday over a New York Times interview in which the Tennessee senator said Trump may start World War III.
Donald Trump.

White House insiders paint a grim picture of Trump’s increasingly volatile behavior

President Donald Trump has found himself in the middle of another multifront firestorm of his own making, according to some close associates and insiders.