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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Brexit would be a 'triumphant success'

Boris Johnson says a no-deal Brexit ‘doesn’t hold terrors’ for him hours after government estimates it could cost 8% of UK GDP

The foreign secretary speaking hours after the government published a Brexit impact study which found a no-deal scenario would cost the UK 8% of GDP.
Boris Johnson and Sergey Lavrov.

Russia is dangerously close to becoming Britain’s outright enemy after the collapse of an ex-Kremlin spy

Relations between the UK and Russia are at a serious low, and the case of Sergei Skripal has only made things worse.
Boris Johnson accuses Russia of disrupting international order.

Boris Johnson promises to ‘bring Russia to heel’ following the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal

The UK foreign secretary accuses Putin of seeking to undermine the entire international order.

Boris Johnson admits Brexit could cause a hard Irish border in leaked letter

The foreign secretary once said a hard border on the island of Ireland would be "unthinkable."
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson says Brexit won’t cause a hard Irish border because there are no borders between London boroughs

The foreign secretary said comparing London boroughs to the Irish border was a "relevant" comparison.
Boris Johnson in Russia.

Suspected Russian spy pictured with his ‘good friend’ Boris Johnson

The foreign secretary is twice pictured meeting figures suspected to be Russian intelligence agents.

All the times Boris Johnson has contradicted his own arguments for Brexit

The foreign secretary had a long record of arguing for Britain to remain closely aligned to the EU.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson accuses Remainers of a disastrous ‘betrayal’ in trying to stop Brexit

The Foreign secretary used a major speech today to disprove the 'fears' of Remain campaigners.
Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson warns Remainers that stopping Brexit would be a disastrous ‘betrayal’

The Foreign secretary will use a major speech today to disprove the 'fears' of Remain campaigners.