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Singapore Management University makes the list.

The 17 best MBA programmes outside the Western world

The vast majority of the top 100 schools — 83 in fact — are in Europe, the USA or Canada, but a handful are in Asia and Australasia.

The 31 best MBA programmes in Europe, according to the Financial Times

Expect a big salary bump and a lot of kudos if you get an MBA from any of these universities.
They've got their own lingo.

9 phrases only MBAs understand

Only people with business school degrees regularly talk about "resume walks" "SWOT analyses" and "Herbies."
Reid Hoffman, left, and Peter Thiel are political opposites, but share a wariness of JDs and MBAs.

Why business school can be dangerous, according to two of Silicon Valley’s biggest names

Billionaire investors Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel are political opposites, but share a wariness of JDs and MBAs.
Wharton has the top business program for undergrads.

The 10 best schools to study business without needing a master’s degree

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has the best undergraduate business program in America.

A dean of MBA admissions who’s read over 50,000 applications answers 5 burning questions about getting into business school

Isser Gallogly, a dean of MBA Admissions at NYU's Stern School of Business, provided insight into what he most looks for in a winning application.

9 new MBAs share the most important lesson they learned in business school

New graduates from some of the U.S.'s top business schools discuss what left an impression on them.

This 28-year-old wrote an MBA admissions essay in the voice of an ESPN SportsCenter anchor — and got accepted to Harvard

Ross Galloway answered Harvard Business School's sole essay question like an ESPN SportsCenter top 10 list. "Fortune favors the bold," he says.

Two Ivy League business professors thought they knew the truth about salary negotiation — then their own research proved them wrong

It turns out, offering a range may be key to getting what you want — and even a little more.

How to get into a top business school, from a student who was admitted to Darden without a traditional finance background

Alice Cassin, a second-year Darden MBA student at the University of Virginia, shares her tips for success.