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One chart shows how careless young Americans are with online passwords

One chart shows how different age groups stack up when it comes to protecting themselves online.

LeBron James has already played more NBA minutes than Michael Jordan did in his entire career

After another season in which NBA stars took nights off to rest...
Financial sector shorts are close to the lowest in at least three years.

Red-hot earnings have traders the most bullish on banks in years — and that’s huge for the stock market

Traders are positioned the most bullish in years on bank stocks after a handful of the biggest firms reported better-than-expected earnings.

Traders can’t stop betting against battered Blue Apron

Short sellers are cranking up bets against Blue Apron's stock, even though it's already trading at roughly half of its IPO price.

Netflix’s foray into merchandising could be a multi-billion dollar business

Merchandising has proven to be a successful cash cow for other media companies, and Netflix is primed to earn the big bucks through a new deal with Target.

Snapchat is American teens’ favorite social media app — and Facebook can’t be happy about that

Teenagers prefer Snapchat to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined
Short bets on the VIX broke a record last week.

Bets on a ‘dangerous’ trade that reminds experts of the 1987 market crash just broke a record

Short bets on the VIX have reached a new high as hedge funds continue trying to profit from a motionless stock market, even as experts warn of the many dangers.

The Google Home Mini secretly recorded peoples’ conversations and played into a big fear about smart speakers

Consumers are worried smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home will always be listening.