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Reed College's campus.

The latest example of political correctness run amok: A misguided revolt at one of the most liberal colleges in America

Opinion: Charges of racism are being used to revamp college curricula, but we shouldn't corrupt education with identity politics.
Some college majors are more popular than others.

The most disproportionately popular college major in every US state

Some college majors are more popular than others, and some are concentrated in specific US states.
It's clear colleges don't know how to fix their rape problem.

American colleges have a massive rape problem, and there’s no clear solution in sight

American colleges are treading water when it comes to solving the issue of campus sexual assault.

The best US cities for millennials who have student debt

A new report looks at the cities that give American college graduates the best chances of paying off their student loans.
Students and parents both considered Stanford University to be one of the best colleges in the US.

Students and parents were asked to name their ‘dream school’ — and the same college topped both lists

The best colleges in the US intrigue students and parents — and they consider many of those colleges to be dream schools.
This picture was taken on a trip back to visit campus a few years ago. I had a flip phone in college, so I have very few photos.

Nearly a decade after graduation, here are 5 things I did wrong in college — and one I did right

Nearly ten years after graduation, the things I did right in college are becoming clear to me ... and so are the things I did wrong.

Malia Obama got one piece of advice from her mom before heading to college — and she didn’t follow it

When Malia Obama headed to Harvard, her mother, Michelle Obama, told her to stay off the popular gossip column Page Six.
Don't sweat your college degree too much.

A CEO and former Googler explains why your college major really doesn’t matter

College majors aren't anything to stress about. WayUp CEO and cofounder Liz Wessel said that, in most cases, your work experience outweighs your area of study.
McLeod claims Duke discriminated against him in the course of a sexual misconduct hearing.

Duke University settles lawsuit with a student expelled for sexual misconduct

Former Duke student Lewis McLeod was expelled from the university in 2014 for a sexual misconduct violation.
President Donald Trump's Cabinet gathers in the Oval Office on March 13, 2017.

Here’s where Trump’s cabinet went to college

President Donald Trump's cabinet is a well-educated bunch — but sometimes not in the fields that their departments are responsible for.