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Daniel Boulud let Business Insider into his kitchen to see how he makes the db Burger.

World-famous chef Daniel Boulud reveals his secrets to making the perfect burger

Chef Daniel Boulud shows us how the famous db Burger is created, step by step.

These are the $800 knives that celebrity chefs like Mario Batali swear by

Chelsea Miller started making custom knives in 2011 and has grown her client list to include some of the best chefs in the world.

Get ready for Thanksgiving with the 10 best cooking channels on YouTube

As the biggest food holiday of the year approaches, it's the perfect time to dig in on some cooking lessons on YouTube.

Patti LaBelle taught us how to make sweet potato pie — here’s how it turned out

Patti LaBelle taught us how to make her world-famous sweet potato pie.
Do you have a bad reaction to chopping onions?

This is the real reason onions make you cry

The onions are just trying to defend themselves.
Fancy dining at a 17th century chef's table?

This ex-Pepsi CEO’s 17th century Italian castle just underwent a €10 million renovation to become a state-of-the-art cookery school —...

It also houses a luxury boutique hotel, a contemporary art exhibition, an event space, and a museum.

Raymond Blanc reveals exactly how to make his signature dish

The best chefs are usually pretty secretive about what goes into their most famous dishes.

8 of the UK’s most famous chefs share exactly how to make their signature dishes

The best chefs in the world — including the UK — are usually pretty secretive about what goes into their most famous dishes.

The best way to cook steak at home according to one of Wall St’s favorite steakhouses

We visited Del ...

You’re eating a lot of bad, rotten olive oil — here’s how to find the real stuff

Stores are trying to sell you rotten, low-quality, or even counterfeit olive oils. Here's what you need to do to buy the true, high-quality product.