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A top SEC regulator just ripped crypto exchanges for being amateurish

Not a single exchange is close to being properly registered with the SEC, regulator Brett Redfearn said during a fintech conference in New York on Thursday.

Bitcoin is sliding amid fears of a crackdown on a Japanese exchange

Things are not looking good for bitcoin Thursday morning.
A grizzly bear stands up at St-Felicien Wildlife Zoo in St-Felicien

Get ready for the end of the ‘alt-coin’ bear market in cryptocurrency

The crypto market has been on the decline since the beginning of 2018, but Fundstrat expects a rally in "alt-coins" is on the horizon.

Bitcoin’s rough patch looks like the Nasdaq during the tech bubble — except it’s moving 15 times faster

Bitcoin's recent price chart mirrors that of the Nasdaq Composite Index during the tech bubble era, but there's a catch.

A controversial cryptocurrency is exploding as traders look for safety away from bitcoin’s wild swings

Bitcoin trades paired against Tether's USDT, a stable-coin, now make up 14% of bitcoin trading volumes.

Robinhood, the stock trading app loved by millennial investors and cryptocurrency traders, could soon be a $5.6 billion company

Robinhood is finalizing a new funding round led by DST Global, the firm led by influential Russian billionaire Yuri Miller, The Wall Street Journal reports.
A monitor shows various cryptocurrencies' exchange rates against Japanese Yen including NEM coin (middle in the top) at 'nem bar', where customers can pay with NEM coins, in Tokyo

A trading technology firm has built a Wall Street-grade platform for cryptocurrency

The platform is aimed at retail investors and professional traders alike.
The Google logo is seen at the "Station F" start up campus in Paris, France, February 15, 2018.

Google is banning all bitcoin, ICO, and cryptocurrency ads starting in June

The new rules also crack down on adverts for financial products like contracts for difference and spread bets.
Mark Karpeles, center, chief executive of defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, attends a news conference after a trial on charges of embezzlement in Tokyo, Japan July 11, 2017.

Crypto investors are hopeful that Mt Gox’s bitcoin sell-off will be halted until September

The next Mt Gox creditors meeting isn't until September 18 and many investors are speculating that this means trustees can't sell any more bitcoin until then.
A man uses his phone as he walks past ATM machines for digital currency Bitcoin in Hong Kong on December 18, 2017.

A California asset manager has a cryptocurrency fund that’s up by 50% in 4 months

Bitwise Asset Management now has more than 500 LPs invested in its so-called HODL fund.