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Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves the submarine Archangelsk as the crew salutes, in port at Severmorsk, February 17, 2004.

Russia says it snuck nuclear attack submarines near US bases undetected

Russia's military power remains one of its few lifelines to national prestige and this could be a propaganda ploy.
US Marines firing a howitzer in Syria.

US troops in Syria prepare for more Russian attacks after crushing up to 300 mercenaries in February battle

Russians are now reportedly joining up to take revenge on the US after losing the fight in February.

It looks like China accidentally revealed plans for a massive aircraft carrier and submarines to rival the US

A major Chinese ship builder briefly posted, and then deleted, images of ships and weapons systems that reveal China's plans to rival the US.

Trump has to get over John Bolton’s mustache if he wants him as his next national security adviser

H.R. McMaster is much cleaner cut than Bolton and fits with President Donald Trump's "central casting" aesthetic and appreciation for US generals.

Top US military general says war with North Korea will be all out or not at all

The US isn't planning a one-off "bloody nose" strike on North Korea to humilitate and scare Kim Jong Un.
Russian President Putin delivers his annual state of the nation address to the Federal Assembly in Moscow

Why Putin’s new ‘doomsday’ device is so much more deadly and horrific than a regular nuke

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a new nuclear weapon that demonstrates Russia's apparent disregard for human life in warfare.
A South Korean F-15 tests out a bunker buster missile.

South Korea orders 90 bunker-buster missiles that are perfect for striking North Korea and taking out Kim Jong Un

The missiles fire from South Korea's F-15K Slam Eagles and have a range of 500 kilometers, putting all North Korean leadership and nuclear sites in range.
The US threatened to strike Syrian targets again, and this time Russia said it might strike back.

Russia says the US is about to strike Syria — and that it will strike back

If the US feared Russian repriasal for the attack, it could simply use a submarine that can fire missiles while submerged and then speed off.
US Tomahawk cruise missiles streak across the sky en route to destroying a Syrian air base.

US slams Russia at the UN and warns it will strike Syria again if airstrikes against civilians continue

"When the international community consistently fails to act, there are times when states are compelled to take their own action," Haley said.
An EA-18G Growler launches from the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the Arabian Gulf

It looks like the US will hold back the big guns from military drills as North Korea talks loom

The carrier deployments may have spooked North Korea in the past, as it released a propaganda video if its missiles destroying key US weapons systems.