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US officials: 4th Green Beret missing after Niger ambush has been found dead

The names of the first three Green Berets were also released.

SpaceX just broke a 10-year monopoly on launching top-secret spy satellites

Monday's launch was the first time Elon Musk's rocket company lifted a US military payload into space.

Meet the puppies that are trained by the military to find bombs on the battlefield

For National Puppy Day, the Department of Defense published a video of the puppies that the military is training to help soldiers detect bombs and guns.

Trump just nominated several people for top Pentagon jobs

A Boeing executive has been picked for the Pentagon's No. 2 job, along with names for several other top defense positions.

Trump just nominated a top Boeing executive to be Mattis’ second-in-command

At Boeing, Shanahan oversees supply chain issues and manages manufacturing operations as well as leading health and saftey initiatives.

Defense Secretary Mattis doesn’t seem to care all that much about Flynn’s resignation

"I haven't changed what I'm heading there for. It doesn't change my message at all," Mattis said. "And who's on the president's staff is who I will work with."

Microsoft just won a $927 million contract to provide tech support to the Department of Defense

Microsoft won a $927 million deal with the US Department of Defense, almost a year after a big Windows 10 deal was announced.

Federal inmates were hired to make combat helmets for the US military, but it did not go well

Federal inmates manufactured and sold thousands of defective helmets to the US military that could have proved fatal.

Donald Trump could cause military spending to skyrocket

An increased likelihood of an armed conflict could lead to huge spending increases.