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Three of the guns and several of the bricks of drugs seized by French authorities.

A UK Border Guard has been arrested for allegedly helping smugglers sneak guns and drugs marked with smiley faces into Britain

The officer was one of 12 men arrested in a joint UK-French police operation last week.

California just passed a new law that tackles the rising cost of prescription drugs

California is one of a growing number of states that are looking for a way to increase transparency around the way drug prices are set.

We should never have told people to take supplements — and a new lawsuit shows why

A Florida-based supplement maker has been sued after peddling an herbal drink mix that it claimed could help treat drug withdrawal and addiction.

Silicon Valley’s LSD habit is exploding, and now a 27-year old is offering how-to tutorials over Skype

Psychedelic microdosing has emerged as Silicon Valley's favorite illegal drug habit. Now, an entrepreneur in New York is offering "consulting" calls via Skype.

A growing threat could kill 10 million people by 2050, but one company thinks it can stop it

Eligo CEO told Business Insider that its technology, which uses CRISPR to tackle antibiotic resistance, would be the ultimate form of personalized medicine.

We tried kava — the national drink of Fiji that gets people high

While in Fiji, we drank a traditional brew known as kava. It's rumored to get you high and even cause hallucinations.

The most respected medical journal in the US just eviscerated a drug that’s cost taxpayers over $1 billion

A drug called Acthar has cost taxpayers $1 billion in five years, and doctors are wondering why.

Philippine president’s son denies links to $125-million drug shipment

Manila - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's son on Thursday told a Senate inquiry he had no links to a seized shipment of $125 million...

Police busted a gang of drug dealers carrying £178,000 in cash through east London in an Asda carrier bag

Algert Lami, Roland Vasija, and Orjon Uku were caught with a huge sack of cash in March, and have now been sentenced to jail.

A ‘party drug’ just crossed a major hurdle on the path to being legally prescribed as medicine

A non-profit research organization has won a special distinction from the US FDA to speed its study of MDMA, or ecstasy, for medical use to treat PTSD.