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There’s a large group of Americans missing out on the American dream

A new Fed report shows that education is not the only driver of economic inequality.

We’ve been worried about technology stealing jobs for 200 years but one solution is plain to see

Training for a new profession is what workers have been told to do for decades as machines, lower-wage rivals, or a lousy economy threaten their jobs.

A ‘new phenomenon’ is helping propel stocks to record highs

Stocks and interest rates are more highly correlated than ever before, a new phenomenon that's helping the market reach new highs.

DELOITTE: UK finance chiefs have never been more sceptical about Brexit

Only 8% of chief financial officers surveyed said Brexit would have a positive long-term effect on business, while 72% said it would be damaging.

The huge gap between America’s rich and superrich exposes a fundamental misunderstanding about inequality

The gap between America's well-off and its uber-wealthy has also been widening.

UK ECONOMY: Manufacturing had a bad quarter

The UK trade deficit with the rest of the world increased from £6.9 billion to £8.9 billiion from the previous three months, the ONS said.

‘Why should we continue these deals?’: Trump is floating a radical idea on trade that an expert says ‘definitely could happen’

A recent report in Axios detailed President Donald Trump's latest drastic trade proposal — one that could ignite an international trade skirmish.

Qatar’s diplomatic crisis is sapping confidence in its state finances

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates severed diplomatic relations with Qatar, which they accused of supporting Islamist terrorist groups.

The US fertility rate just hit a record-low — and it could signal a ‘demographic time bomb’

New data from the Centers for Disease Control show the US fertility rate has hit the lowest point in history, and it could have economic consequences.

The Fed often starts worrying about an overheating economy ‘just as the recession it never sees is about to start’

"It seems as though the Fed’s preoccupation with inflation also tends to peak just as this becomes yesterday’s story."