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A 27-year study found the amount of insects flying in the air has declined 75% — but no one knows why

Insect researchers in Germany say 75% of the flying bugs there disappeared over the last 27 years. And they don't think climate change is to blame.

This abandoned Disney water park has been rotting for over 15 years

A Cleveland-based photographer who works under the pseudonym Seph Lawless documented the abandoned Disney park in his photo series "Dismaland."

Here are all the protected lands at risk of shrinking or changing under the Trump administration

The Trump administration has recommended shrinking or changing 10 national monuments.
"Giant gathering" by Tony Wu, USA. Winner: Behaviour: Mammals.

14 brutal, beautiful images from this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest

The winning photo from the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest is dark and bloody, though others showcase beautiful moments in nature.
Leonardo DiCaprio speaks on stage at the Dinner & Auction during The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation 3rd Annual Saint-Tropez Gala at Domaine Bertaud Belieu on July 20, 2016 in Saint-Tropez, France.

Leonardo DiCaprio just invested in the Bill Gates-backed veggie burger that ‘bleeds’ like beef — here’s how it tastes

The Oscar-winning actor and environmentalist says he's an investor in Beyond Meat, a plant-based food startup aiming to disrupt the $48 trillion meat industry.

Trump is quietly dismantling Obama’s biggest legacy

President Trump has so far made efforts to revoke or reverse 52 Obama-era environmental polices aimed at fighting the gradual warming of the planet.
Fire consumes a barn as an out of control wildfire moves through the Napa area on October 9.

Why wildfire season is getting longer and more destructive

Climate change is largely to blame for the increase in fire season length, but other human behaviors play a role in increasing fire risk as well.

Hurricane Ophelia has intensified to Category 2 strength as it heads toward Europe

Ophelia's strength means 2017 has tied the record for the most consecutive hurricanes. The storm is heading toward Europe and likely to hit Ireland on Monday.

Apocalyptic before-and-after photos show how wildfires are destroying parts of California’s wine country

Since Sunday, a series of wildfires has torched more than 115,000 acres in Northern California. On Tuesday, a picture of the devastation began to come together.

A deadly supervolcano lies under Yellowstone — and an eruption would emit dangerous gases and spread ash for 500 miles

Scientists are learning more about the supervolcano under Yellowstone — and it might take less time to go from not a problem to erupting than experts thought.