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Facebook’s Slack competitor, Workplace, scores big by signing up Walmart

Facebook is adding Walmart, the world's largest private employer, to its Workplace chat tool for businesses.

Facebook is popping after signing a massive deal for NFL highlights

Facebook's stock is rising after inking a deal for NFL highlights.

Obama tried to warn Mark Zuckerberg about the threat of fake news right after Trump won

Zuckerberg acknowledged the threat of fake news but said it wasn't widespread. Now, Facebook is facing new questions.

Facebook has signed a monster global deal to distribute NFL highlights

Facebook has signed a monster global deal to distribute NFL highlights, including video packaged for Facebook's Watch tab.
Without WhatsApp, Chinese users are now primarily relying on the heavily-government-monitored WeChat.

China is reportedly blocking WhatsApp in a move to step up surveillance

Users won't be able to send text messages, in addition to multimedia messages and video calls, which had already been blocked this past summer.

Russian-linked Facebook ads reportedly aimed ‘to sow chaos’ between racial and religious groups

Russia's use of Facebook was more extensive than previously reported.

Brazil is more worried about fake news than any other country

A survey finds that a strong majority of Brazilians are concerned about fake news while less than half of Germans are.
Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of himself at Pat's King of Steaks — the maker of "the best cheesesteak in the land," according to the Facebook founder.

Mark Zuckerberg is getting slammed after picking a side in the epic Philly cheesesteak battle

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sparked controversy during the most recent stop on his whirlwind tour of the US.

Facebook is falling amid share structure and Russian election influence controversies

Facebook's stock price is slipping as it deals with a litany of issues around election influence and stock structures.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook reportedly discovered it had been infiltrated by Russian government hackers months before the election

Members of a hacking group connected to Russia's military intelligence unit began creating fake Facebook accounts to amplify stolen emails as early as June 2016.