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Facebook protest on Capitol Hill.

It didn’t take long for Facebook to secretly exploit a loophole in huge new privacy laws — which it claims is actually in users’ bes...

Facebook has defended moving 1.5 billion users out of reach of the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.
Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook doubled its European lobbying spend to $3 million to handle crises like fake news and terrorism

Facebook was lobbying hard on issues like fake news and election interference.
The Snapchat app logo is seen on a smartphone in this illustration

There’s a little-known Snapchat feature that lets you stop getting notifications from individual friends — here’s how to use it

Snap quietly rolled out a "do not disturb" feature in January that lets Snapchat users individually silence notifications while leaving them none the wiser.
Business Insider's Richard Feloni interviewing Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud, who explained the value of going outside your comfort zone.

I asked 8 highly successful people for the most important lessons they’ve learned in their careers so far

Guests on our podcast "Success! How I Did It" run everything from Vimeo to Planned Parenthood to NASA, and consider these lessons hugely important.

A prominent tech investor says arrogance in Silicon Valley has reached a fever pitch and he’s constantly embarrassed by what people say

"Increasingly, it feels like people in our industry, the tech industry, are losing touch with reality," M.G. Siegler wrote in a blog post earlier this week.
A woman protests against Facebook.

How hidden trackers on websites use ‘login with Facebook’ to harvest your data

You may be giving away lots of data when you sign in to sites using your Facebook profile.

Critics are calling out Facebook’s new ‘permission screens,’ saying they’re intentionally designed to be confusing

Critics are slamming Facebook for not giving users a clear choice, but instead employing user interface tricks to get people to give it permission.
Vladimir Putin.

Russia puts Facebook on alert after ruthlessly banning Telegram

Facebook could be banned in Russia unless it cooperates with Kremlin database demands.
Bill Gates.

Bill Gates: Facebook has had its ‘mea culpa’ moment — now it must ‘help the world figure out’ data privacy

Bill Gates said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is responding 'as best he can' to the Cambridge Analytica data debacle.