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Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) in an interview with Vice News.

Congressman says the Charlottesville riots were organized by an ‘Obama sympathizer’ and suggests it was a George Soros-backed conspiracy

A sitting congressman aired a widely-debunked conspiracy theory during an interview with Vice News.
Hungarian government poster portraying financier George Soros in Budapest. The caption reads "Don't let Soros have the last laugh."

Hungary is pushing a ‘conspiracy’ that billionaire George Soros wants to bring millions of refugees to Europe

"There is no such thing as a global conspiracy against Hungary orchestrated by George Soros."

George Soros on Brexit: ‘Economic reality is beginning to catch up with the false hopes of the population’

'Brexit is a lose-lose proposition, harmful both to Britain and the European Union,' the billionaire investor said.

George Soros is a favorite target of the right — here’s how that happened

For more than 20 years, Soros has been the target of some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories.

The incredible life of billionaire investing legend George Soros, the anti-Trump bogeyman of the far right

Some interesting facts about billionaire investor George Soros and his life, including his relationship with President Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

George Soros’ former right-hand man is selling his 20-acre estate for $31.5 million

Billionaire trader Stanley Druckenmiller listed his 20-acre estate in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Meet the world’s 7 most successful hedge fund managers

London-based fund of funds LCH Investments recently released its annual top 20 "most successful money managers" list for 2016.

One of the most senior women in finance is going to work for George Soros

Dawn Fitzpatrick, a senior executive at the Swiss bank UBS, will be Soros Fund Management's new chief investment officer.

The incredible life of billionaire investing legend George Soros

Here are some interesting facts about billionaire investor George Soros and his life, drawing from both his investing career and philanthropic endeavors.

GEORGE SOROS: ‘These times are not business as usual. Wishing you the best in a troubled world’

Billionaire George Soros writes an essay about what's happening to the EU, the election of Trump, and what it means for the world.