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Here’s why Apple’s ‘Portrait Mode’ feature only works on some iPhones and not others

Portrait mode uses a mix of two camera lenses and some software to mimic the look of a photo shot on a DSLR camera.
Google Pixel Buds

Google’s new headphones have a universal translator feature for 40 languages — and I got to try it

I tried the "universal translator" feature on Google's new Pixel Buds, and it worked. Mostly.

Google is using its biggest advantage as a weapon to embarrass Apple

Google's hardware may not win points for originality or design, but its artificial-intelligence brawn is setting the agenda in a fast-changing business.

Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone X: The biggest differences between the two

If you're thinking of getting one of Google's new Pixel phones or the iPhone X, these are the biggest differences you need to know about.

Google’s taking on Apple’s AirPods with $160 wireless headphones that can translate different languages in real time

Watch out, Apple — Google has a new set of wireless headphones that are giving the AirPods a run for their money.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai as got a surprise for you.

Google might be about to unveil a mysterious ‘Clips’ product

The tech firm is about the announce a host of new gadgets, from new smartphones to virtual reality headsets.
The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL's specs have been leaked.

A new leak makes Google’s larger Pixel 2 XL smartphone sound a lot like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Pixel 2 XL's screen could be a big upgrade from the original Google Pixel XL.

This is our best look yet at the upcoming successor to Google’s Pixel smartphones

The Pixel 2 XL could look a lot nicer than the original Google Pixel.

Rumors about Google’s next Pixel smartphone are already starting to emerge

It's only been a few months since Google released its first Pixel smartphone, but now we're already hearing about its successor, the "Pixel 2."