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Employees at this Google-created tech incubator can hide away in fancy nap pods and enjoy food from around the world.

Inside the offices of Jigsaw, an elite think tank created by Google where employees sample food from around the world and take naps in rooms named Narnia and Mordor

Business Insider visited the New York City office of Jigsaw, a Google-founded geopolitically-focused tech incubator that's now a subsidiary of Alphabet.
In a head-to-head comparison between Facebook and Google, one company dominates.

Facebook and Google are both amazing places to work, but one dominates in a head-to-head comparison

Facebook and Google are both great companies to work for — but one stands above the other.
At Google, there's more free food than people know what to do with.

8 unbelievable perks that come with working for Google

Employees at Google enjoy pretty great perks, from a top 401k program to free food.

Google is taking its smart speaker battle with Amazon to movie theaters across the country

Google is running an ad for the Google Home Mini in 200 movie theaters across the US that triggers the theater's lights to dim at the end.
From HBO's 'Silicon Valley'

Silicon Valley has turned into the place it hates the most

OPINION: A lot of people in Silicon Valley see Wall Street as a parasite. But that parasite may be what Silicon Valley has become.
Chris Lattner introduces Swift at the 2014 Apple WWDC

Google caused a minor controversy when it was discovered it had ‘forked’ Apple’s Swift programming language — but Google tells us it’s all a misunderstanding

Google "forked" Apple's programming language, Swift. But Google's Chris Lattner tells Business Insider the minor hubbub is misplaced — here's why.

6 reasons why the iPhone X is better than the Pixel 2

Google's Pixel phones can't claim superiority anymore.

Boston Dynamics just unleashed its latest robot dog – and it’s the most refined one yet

We've seen a number of beastly abominations of robot creatures from Boston Dynamics over the years but its latest version is probably its most...

Watch Boston Dynamics’ 25-second viral video unveiling a new lifelike robotic dog

The video was the #1 trending video on YouTube on Tuesday.