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Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch: Facebook has become ‘inherently unreliable’ and should pay publishers for posting on the site

Murdoch's statement comes after a major algorithm change from Facebook.

7 scandalous things tech companies like Facebook, Apple, and Amazon have done that sound made up — but are actually true

Tech companies have done a lot of questionable things over the years, from slowing down old batteries to collecting data on users' sex lives.

A portfolio manager at a $991 billion firm shares which of the tech giants face the biggest regulatory risks

BI PRIME: Facebook and Google are directly in the crosshairs of regulators.
A student tries out the Lenovo 300e, a $299 PC for the classroom that folds into a tablet.

Google has conquered American classrooms — now Microsoft is striking back with cheap PCs and a Minecraft upgrade

It's Windows 10 versus Google Chrome OS in an all-out fight for the education market.

We don’t need tech to become less addictive — we just need it to be better

Many have expressed worry over tech addiction recently. But most people just need tech to serve them better.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

After one year of Trump, Google CEO Sundar Pichai sounds a lot different about immigration — and that may be a good thing

Instead of fiery rhetoric, Pichai now preaches Google's 'constructive' role on immigration. But don't mistake that for giving up.
Google's booth was hopping at CES 2018, with lines just to get in to many of its exhibits. This little city was designed to show off all the different types of things the Google Assistant can do.

In the battle for the future of voice computers, Google is moving fast — but Amazon is still moving faster

Google Assistant is moving fast to take on Alexa, but Amazon is not standing still
Mustafa Suleyman is cofounder and head of applied AI at Google DeepMind.

Mustafa Suleyman: The liberal activist who cofounded Google’s £400 million artificial intelligence lab

The DeepMind cofounder wants to see that artificial intelligence benefits the many, not the few.

Google CEO: We didn’t fire the diversity memo writer for political reasons

James Damore is suing Google for discrimination.