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"Career design is different than a job-search strategy."

Too many people are asking themselves the wrong question about their career

Instead of grabbing the first shiny-new job opportunity, career experts recommend considering how this job fits into your larger career goals.

A simple chart can help you figure out how you should really be investing your time and energy at work

Executive coach Amy Jen Su recommends asking yourself two questions to prioritize your responsibilities at work.

Steve Jobs used to read and approve every Apple press release

Cameron Craig, the former Apple communications representative, explains how Apple managed the press while Jobs was CEO.

General Motors, Ford, and Toyota are spending billions to solve a problem that doesn’t exist

A decade ago, if you uttered the word "disruption" around auto executives, you'd have been greeted with blank stares. Not anymore.

Clay Christensen says everyone misunderstands his theory of disruption — here’s what it really means

The theory of disruption has become increasingly misunderstood as it's become increasingly mainstream.

A new study suggests young people are better managers than their older counterparts — here’s why

Managers 30 and under are more likely to be "champions of change."