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Streaming services won the most Golden Globe awards for the first time — here’s how it broke down by network

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon collectively won the largest awards tally at the 2018 Golden Globes, beating out cable and traditional TV networks for the first time.
"Jessica Jones," Marvel's strongest Netflix series, returns in March.

All the new and returning TV shows coming in winter 2018 — and whether or not you should watch them

Here are all of the shows premiering in early 2018, and whether or not you should watch them.

Disney just put a big question mark over Hulu’s future

Why Hulu's live TV service could be an early casualty of the mammoth Disney/Fox deal
"Big Little Lies."

The 13 best new TV characters of the year — from Offred to Celeste Wright

This year saw an amazing number of female characters, and performances from women on television.

2 ways the Disney-Fox deal could concentrate an intense amount of power in the media world

Disney is close to buying assets from 21st Century Fox, and it could mean Disney ends up owning 30%-40% of the US box office, and 60% of Hulu.

7 new shows and movies you should binge-watch over Thanksgiving weekend on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO

We collected a list of some great shows and movies streaming right now that you should catch up on, since you probably have time over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Hulu confirmed that season 2 of Emmy winner ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ will premiere April 2018

"The Handmaid's Tale" won Hulu several Emmys in September, including the award for best drama.

Nintendo Switch is finally getting video streaming services, and Hulu is first

After nearly eight months of availability, the Nintendo Switch is getting its first video streaming app: Hulu. Is Netflix next?

Most Netflix subscribers don’t even bother with Hulu or HBO Now

With "Stranger Things," "Orange Is The New Black," and other original shows on offer, most Netflix subscribers don't see any need for another streaming service.

Hulu CEO leaves to head up Sony TV

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins is stepping down from his position and joining Sony's TV division, according to Recode. Fox executive Randy Freer will replace him.