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A screenshot of Netflix's hit show, "Stranger Things."

MORGAN STANLEY: Netflix is benefiting from a virtuous circle

Netflix has more 'pricing power' now, and it's great news for its stock price, a Morgan Stanley analyst finds.

Millennials are at odds with their parents over binge-watching TV

The younger generation loves to binge-watch. Their parents, not so much.

Hulu continues its battle with Netflix — getting ’30 Rock’ and ‘Will & Grace’ after sweeping the Emmys

Thanks to "The Handmaid's Tale," things are finally starting to take off for its original content.

Netflix is plunging as competition in streaming video heats up

Netflix's stock is dropping as more competitors enter the streaming video space, increasing fragmentation and competition.
Sean Penn.

Hulu is bringing Sean Penn to TV for the first time in a show about ‘the first human mission to Mars’

Days after netting the top Emmy award, Hulu announced it will be bringing actor Sean Penn into the Hulu original series "The First" for his first foray into TV.

This chart shows why the cable TV industry is in big trouble

On the whole, younger Americans are tuning in streaming services, not pay TV.

RANKED: Hulu’s 12 original shows, from worst to best

We found that while Hulu's new dramas like the Emmy-winning "The Handmaid's Tale" outperformed some of its more wacky fare, comedies still dominated.

Hulu had a breakout night at the Emmys with ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ — but HBO, Netflix, and NBC had more wins

HBO netted the most overall wins at the 2017 Emmy Awards, though streaming services Netflix and Hulu both came through with very strong showings.

Hulu pulled off something Netflix has never been able to do at the Emmys

Netflix was thought to be the first streaming service that would win best drama series at the Emmys, but Hulu beat them to it with "The Handmaid's Tale."

Here are all the reasons why Americans say they binge-watch TV shows

Getting the whole story at once and not having any lag time between episodes are the main motivations for binge-watching.