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Gallery workers next to "Teoria" by Eduardo Basualdo at the Frame Gallery's stand at the Frieze Art Fair in central London in 2013.

Americans have more debt than ever — and it’s creating an economic trap

A new International Monetary Fund report finds that high levels of household debt can deepen recessions. US households are more indebted than ever.

$30 billion per year: IMF reportedly calculates bailout costs for crisis-hit Venezuela

The IMF has estimated inflation could rise to 2,300% by the end of 2018 and said the crisis has "no end in sight."

The IMF says the super-wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes — and there could be terrible consequences

Go ahead, tax the rich, they can afford it. That's the message from a new International Monetary Fund report that also finds inequality hampers long-run economic growth.

The IMF is catching up to the prospect that Trump won’t deliver tax cuts

The International Monetary Fund's latest forecast on the US economy is slightly weaker because it is no longer assuming Donald Trump will manage to cut taxes.

Inequality is getting so bad it’s threatening the very foundation of economic growth

In many countries, the richest 1% have benefited disproportionately from economic growth in recent years, the IMF says.

China’s economic stability comes with hidden costs

Remember when China’s economic crash was imminent and ready to take down the rest of the world with it?

One of the most prominent Chinese analysts is sounding alarm on the country’s debt

"Everyone knows there’s a credit problem in China, but I find that people often forget about the scale," Charlene Chu told the Financial Times.

IMF: It’s time to worry about China’s ‘dangerous’ debt

Citing other countries which have fuelled growth via taking on debt aggressively, the fund warned that the current trajectory of China's debt is 'dangerous.'

There are 2 big reasons your pay isn’t going up

ANALYSIS: A decline in union participation helps explain stagnant wages for US workers.