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Mark Cuban is trying to fix social media’s biggest problems by backing a company mixing bitcoin technology with messaging

Mercury Protocol could mean an end to everything from invasive advertising data to obnoxious trolls

Feds subpoena Jared Kushner’s company after it tried to get $150 million from Chinese investors in exchange for US visas

The subpoena is regarding the apartment complex One Journal Square in Jersey City, New Jersey that was financed in part by the EB-5 program.

Cybersecurity is a $81.7 billion market — and startups are raking in the dough

From hacked fish tanks to phishy emails, threats are everywhere, and VCs are taking notice.

The judges at a startup contest hosted by Salesforce gave these 4 key tips to get funded

Four VC investors share what makes them listen closely to a start up's pitch.

We took a helicopter to dinner at the Rockefeller Estate with the most powerful business players you’ve never heard of

The three-day event was filled with discussion on how these entrepreneurs can help solve market failures.

Here’s the ‘eye-popping’ chart BlackRock CEO Larry Fink shared in his annual letter

Forget the "hard data versus soft data" debate, and look instead at the soft data versus stock performance.

Snapchat’s first investor explains why the app is so confusing to use

The reason Snapchat can be hard to understand is the same reason it's popular with younger people, according to Snapchat's first investor, Jeremy Liew.

Nintendo’s stock is falling even though ‘Super Mario Run’ is a hit — and it makes total sense

Nintendo's stock soared after "Pokémon Go," even though it had nothing to do with the game. Now its stock is falling, even though "Super Mario Run" is popular.

PAL: There’s ‘something bad on the horizon,’ and the average investor should get out of the way

Markets are too risky right now for the average investor, Global Macro Investor's Raoul Pal says.

Why this top tech investor is funding a startup that could chop away at his own business

Union Square Ventures partner Andy Weissman says a startup called CircleUp, which he's invested in, could hurt some VCs by bringing algorithms to investment.