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Peter Thiel is moving out of Silicon Valley and might leave Facebook’s board after his relationship with Mark Zuckerberg soured over his support...

Facebook board member Peter Thiel is not a fan of Silicon Valley's culture in the wake of the election.
Peter Thiel.

Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund made a bet on bitcoin that’s now worth hundreds of millions of dollars

News of the firm's investments sent bitcoin prices up 12% on Tuesday.

Hong Kong eyes blockbuster China tech IPO queue, led by Xiaomi

Hong Kong bankers are eye...
Hoffman with Peter Thiel. The two have known each other since they were students at Stanford.

Before billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman met Peter Thiel in college, the ‘pinko commie’ had heard of the ‘libertarian wacko&...

Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel have one of the most influential — and unusual — friendships in Silicon Valley.