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Here are some of the wild new emojis coming to the iPhone

Zombie. Monocle. Broccoli. Hedgehog. Diplodocus.

The 5 most annoying changes in the new iPhone update — and how to fix them

Some of the iOS 11 changes — like the control center not really turning off WiFi or hiding the auto brightness setting — are annoying. Here's how to fix them.

Apple’s latest iOS 11 update fixes the ‘crackling’ sound problem

New iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus owners were complaining that their new iPhones were making crackling noises during phone calls.

The 13 most useful new features in iOS 11

Apple's newest operating system for iPhones and iPads, iOS 11, launches this month. Here are 13 things everyone is going to love in the next big update.

Apple added a must-have safety feature to your iPhone in iOS 11— here’s how to set it up

Apple added a new feature to iOS 11 that makes it easier to get help in an emergency.

Apple’s ‘Night Shift’ feature is hidden in iOS 11 — here’s how to turn it on

Anyone who uses Apple's 'Night Shift' feature may have noticed a big change in iOS 11.

Uber users on iPhones can now block the app from always tracking their location, thanks to Apple’s new iOS update

The new iPhone update forced Uber to change its app to allow users to opt out of always-on location tracking.
One of the new wallpapers in iOS 11.

Apple’s wallpaper selection in iOS 11 is just abysmal

Isn't Apple the most profitable company in the world?
The iPhone 8 Plus.

Your iPhone’s camera just got an upgrade thanks to iOS 11 — here are all the ways it changed

The new editing tools and camera features in iOS 11 will make your iPhone shots feel more like DSLR photos.
The new iPhone 8 comes standard with iOS 11, but everyone with an iPhone 5s and above can download the update.

Apple just redesigned its App Store — here are all the ways it changed

Apple's App Store got a major redesign in iOS 11.