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A beginner’s guide to ‘Fortnite’ on iPhone: How to download the game, and some basic controls

The biggest game in the world right now is "Fortnite," and it just arrived on the iPhone. Here's how to play it!

The 20 best smartphones in the world

We ranked the top 20 smartphones you can buy today.

How to use Texture, the beautiful ‘Netflix for magazines’ app Apple just bought

Texture gives you unlimited access to popular magazines for a monthly subscription fee.

7 things I love about the Google Pixel 2, even though I’m an iPhone user for life

I've never owned an Android phone, but I gave Google's Pixel 2 a try for about a week. And I have to say: I liked it.
Stanford orientation. Not the students leading the protest.

Stanford computer-science students want Apple to make a mode for the iPhone that allows only calls, texts, and photos

A new group called Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices held a protest at an Apple store in the heart of Silicon Valley over the weekend.

A Chinese smartphone company no one has ever heard of is making a huge impact in 2018, and it’s innovating more than Apple or Samsung

Apple and Samsung are getting out-innovated by a relatively unknown Chinese smartphone maker called Vivo.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

An analyst estimated how long Apple customers hold onto their devices — and the findings might surprise you

Consumer electronics tend not to last particularly long, but Apple's products are enjoying progressively longer lifetimes.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Last year’s iPhones are destroying Samsung’s new Galaxy flagship smartphone in benchmark tests

The Korean company has said that the benchmarked software was optimised for Mobile World Congress, however, and might not be final.

I’ve owned a Google Home Mini for three months now — here are the 4 biggest issues I have with it

I've owned a Google Home Mini for three months now and most days, it makes me want to pull my hair out.