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Chamath Palihapitiya

An early Facebook exec explains why investing in startups without meeting them is the future of venture capital

The former Facebook executive's plan to reinvent the venture capital business may sound crazy, but it just might work.
President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin just released a report outlining how to catalyze grow for smaller companies.

The Trump administration just revealed how it wants to make going public easier for companies

Trump's Treasury department just released a plan outlining how it wants to catalyze small business growth and make it easier for companies to go public.

Tech ‘unicorn’ IPOs are booming

Highly-valued tech startups known as "unicorns" are going public at a pace not seen in three years.

Canada Goose exploded on its first day of trading

The Canadian luxury retailer opened for trading at $18 (CA$24.20) a share after pricing at $12.78 on Wednesday evening.

PETA just bought Canada Goose stock in order to protest the company’s use of fur

PETA also staged protests in New York and Toronto Thursday.

Goldman Sachs tech bankers say we’re at dot-com-level dealmaking — here’s where it’s coming from

They announced 18 deals in the first two months of the year valued at nearly $30 billion.

Snap is going public at a $24 billion valuation

Snap's shares are scheduled to begin trading on Thursday under the ticker SNAP.

INSIDE THE ROADSHOW: Snapchat just met with prospective investors in NYC and faced tough questions

Executives are traveling from London to San Francisco as they try to drum up interest in the sale.

Snap is playing it safe with investors

As Snap opens its roadshow, here is what investors think of valuation on the social-media app's IPO.

Snap is seeking a valuation of $22 billion — here’s how it plans to pitch investors

The Los Angeles-based startup Snap Inc. plans to start trading on March 2.