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Israel’s prime minister believes Trump will pull out of the Iran deal by May

"I believe that Trump is very close to cancelling the nuclear agreement," Netanyahu told his cabinet.
Members of Iran's Basij militia

Mike Pompeo could create a ‘bad cop, worse cop’ scenario as secretary of state, raising uncertainty in the Middle East

Pompeo, like Trump, has a tougher approach to Iran. Some experts believe the two could end the Iran nuclear deal, while others say it's just rhetoric.
Jared Kushner.

Qatar reportedly says it has unearthed damaging information on Jared Kushner — but didn’t give it to Mueller because it’s scared of ...

NBC News cites unnamed sources as saying Qatar thinks President Donald Trump's policy toward it was improperly influenced.
This satellite image from Space Imaging shows a nuclear reactor facility on January 13, 2002 near Bushehr, Iran.

Saudi Arabia is in nuclear talks with the US — and it could be a sign the country is trying to get even with rival Iran

Countries usually must agree to the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, but the US-Saudi deal may possibly be set without those restrictions.
US Marines firing a howitzer in Syria

Moscow warns the US not to ‘play with fire’ in Syria after battle reportedly killed hundreds of Russians

The US has a new foreign policy direction in Syria, and it isn't afraid of fighting Iran, Assad, and Russia to make it happen.
Israeli security forces examine the remains of an F-16 Israeli war plane near the Israeli village of Harduf, Israel February 10, 2018.

Israel was about to get ‘a lot more violent’ with Syria after losing an F-16 — and then Putin stepped in

A series of events on Saturday might have led to a regional war in the Middle East were it not for Russian President Vladimir Putin, an NYT op-ed article says.
Members of a Female Commando Battalion which is part of the Syrian Army, sit atop of a tank in the government-controlled area of Jobar, a suburb of Damascus March 19, 2015.

It looks like Syrian, Russian, and Iranian troops are gearing up for another fight with the US

Syrian media says the Syrian army is preparing an offensive on a western Syrian town to fight ISIS, but ISIS isn't there — and the US is.

Saudi Arabia may allow Israel to use its airspace — shifting a policy that has defined the region for decades

The countries have reportedly discussed curbing common-enemy Iran's continued expansion in the Middle East for years.
Anti-North Korean activists burn Kim Jong-un's portrait while the North Korean ferry, Man Gyong Bong arrives at Mukho Port in Donghae, South Korea on February 6, 2018 in Donghae, South Korea.

Iran is angry its athletes weren’t offered smartphones at the Winter Olympics and now it’s a problem

Iran, along with North Korea, were not offered smartphones at the Olympics because organizers worried it would violate sanctions.