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Twitter admits it hasn’t kept its promises to make the site safer and published deadlines for new rules

Twitter released a timetable for when the company plans to have new rules in place to curb abuse.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Twitter will be tougher on ‘non-consensual’ nudity, hate symbols, and violent tweets after user backlash

Twitter will take a tougher stance on moderating "non-consensual" nudity, hate symbols, and threats of violence.
Disney CEO Bob Iger (left) and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (right).

Disney confirms that it looked at buying Twitter last year but went with BAMTech instead

Disney looked at acquiring Twitter last year but decided to buy video streaming firm Bamtech instead, CEO Bob Iger said Tuesday.

Jack Dorsey just hinted he turned down an acquisition offer for Twitter exactly 1 year ago

Dorsey mysteriously avoided the Dmexco conference in Germany last year.

JEFFERIES: Twitter’s ‘strong brand’ isn’t enough

Twitter's stock price is rising slightly, but unlocking real growth won't come soon if you're to believe a new report from Wall Street.

A Twitter user included the first hashtag in a tweet 10 years ago — and changed our online conversations forever

The Twitter hashtag was born 10 years ago Wednesday — here are some of the most popular hashtags of all time.

Twitter’s 12-day winning streak is in jeopardy

Twitter has been consistently posting gains for the last couple of weeks, but that may come to an end Friday.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s advice to entrepreneurs: ‘Get out of PowerPoint’

Dorsey said: "As soon as you get to that space where you actually have something to play with and something tangible, that's when the real learning happens."

CEO Jack Dorsey just bought $9.5 million worth of shares after Twitter beat on earnings

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has purchased an additional $9.5 million in shares just two days after the company reported better than expected Q1 earnings

Twitter is regaining some of its popularity, but it’s not in the clear

Things are looking both up and down for Twitter.