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Take an inside look at the offices of Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, and 11 more high-profile employers

Here's a look inside the offices of Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Spotify, Kickstarter, Etsy, Twitter, Adobe, and more.
LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says he follows Spider-Man's mantra: "With great power comes great responsibility."

Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman explains why he’s been giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats

Reid Hoffman defends his heavy spending and influence on the Democratic Party as a responsibility that comes with his wealth.
Reid Hoffman.

An insight LinkedIn’s billionaire founder Reid Hoffman had in high school has defined his entire career

Reid Hoffman was originally planning to be an academic "public intellectual" before he got into tech, but his life's goal hasn't changed.
Reid Hoffman attended the Putney School for high school.

Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman can trace his business success back to a childhood hobby he still loves decades later

Reid Hoffman is one of the world's most respected startup strategists, and he says his approach comes from his love of games like Dungeons and Dragons.
Hoffman received his master's in philosophy from Oxford on a Marshall Scholarship in 1993.

Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman says his masters in philosophy has helped him more than an MBA

Reid Hoffman is one of tech's most prominent billionaires, but instead of studying business he received his master's in philosophy from Oxford.
Reid Hoffman.

How the billionaire founder of LinkedIn turned his dream of being a ‘public intellectual’ into a life as one of Silicon Valley’s mos...

Billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has built his career drawing insights from childhood passions in gaming and philosophy.
Hoffman with Peter Thiel. The two have known each other since they were students at Stanford.

Before billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman met Peter Thiel in college, the ‘pinko commie’ had heard of the ‘libertarian wacko&...

Reid Hoffman and Peter Thiel have one of the most influential — and unusual — friendships in Silicon Valley.
Reid Hoffman.

There’s something far more important to success than ambition, drive, or a detailed career plan

LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman is one of the most well-connected people in tech. He reveals his simple but valuable approach to building a network.
Mark Zuckerberg joined Reid Hoffman on his podcast, "Masters of Scale."

The billionaire founder of LinkedIn was one of Facebook’s early investors — and he watched CEO Mark Zuckerberg overcome ‘the most sp...

Reid Hoffman has had a front-row seat to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's transformation from an awkward kid into one of the world's top CEOs.