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Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, left, acquired the productivity tool Quip from Bret Taylor for $750 million in 2016. Attic Labs will be integrated into the Quip team.

Salesforce just made an $11.3 million equity payout for an acquisition

The cloud software titan won't disclose who it's for, but analysts say it's probably payment for a newly acquired startup called Attic Labs.

Wall Street says forget about the jobs — Apple’s big announcement is all about a tax windfall

BI Prime: Apple could be bringing $250 billion back to the US.
Tom Siebel, founder, chairman and CEO of C3 IoT.

C3 IoT, an almost failed startup founded by a colorful billionaire who was trampled by an elephant, has raised another $100 million

C3 IoT isn't just a second act for billionaire Tom Siebel, it's a come-back story for a man who was literally trampled and a company that almost died.

Apple is taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook by teasing its new campus

Apple has not openly solicited bids or tax breaks for its new campus, but history suggests it will reap many such financial perks.

Here’s why analysts think Apple’s cash move is such a big deal

BI PRIME: Apple's plans to repatriate billions of dollars in overseas cash is likely to reverberate in interesting ways, say those who know the company.
Apple CEO Tim Cook's company has more than $200 billion in foreign cash. How exactly it will spend it is an open question.

Apple is now free to bring home its overseas cash — here’s what it might do with it

BI PRIME: The new tax law has freed Apple up to transfer its overseas cash stash to the US. Good portions will go to taxes and likely stock buybacks.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

New technologies could kill one-third of US jobs so CEOs, not politicians, need to take responsibility, says billionaire Marc Benioff

New technologies will improve health, education, transportation for those who have access. The rest could be in trouble, warns Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.
Blyth Masters, CEO of enterprise blockchain company Digital Assets

Companies will spend $3.7 trillion on IT in 2018, led by trendy new tech like blockchain, IoT and AI

BI PRIME: Businesses are gearing up for a healthy 2018 and will increase their spending on IT projects to support planned growth.