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Marvel is teaming up with one of the biggest arms manufacturers in the world and fans are upset about it

Marvel is joining forces with Northrop Grumman, a global aerospace and defense technology company, for a promotional comic book featuring The Avengers.

RANKED: Netflix’s 5 original Marvel superhero shows, from worst to best

We turned to Rotten Tomatoes to see which of Netflix's five original Marvel shows, from "Luke Cage" to "Iron Fist," have fared the best among critics.

Disney’s upcoming Netflix competitor will include Marvel and ‘Star Wars’ movies, according to CEO Bob Iger

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced Thursday that the company's upcoming Disney streaming service will feature Marvel and Star Wars movies and launch in late 2019.

Disney sinks after CEO Bob Iger gives disappointing guidance

CEO Bob Iger said 2017 earnings-per-share would likely not increase.

This Marvel comic could be great source material for the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie

A Marvel comic showed what Obi-Wan Kenobi did before "Star Wars."

Netflix is slipping after Disney announced it will be ripping its movies from the platform

Netflix's stock price is falling as the company loses a big content partner. Luckily for Netflix, it has a plan to stay interesting.

Facebook and Disney teamed up for a new game that lets you be Deadpool like never before

"Marvel Powers United VR" is a forthcoming blockbuster, coming exclusively to Facebook's Oculus Rift, that literally puts you in an Avenger's shoes.

New ‘Infinity Wars’ footage could signal a drastic shift in Captain America’s identity

In a new "Infinity Wars" trailer shown at the D23 Expo Sunday, Captain America sported a new look that could indicate a shift in the character's identity.

The inside story of how ‘Spider-Man’ star Tom Holland went undercover in a NYC high school to prepare to be Peter Parker

The "Spider-Man" actor Tom Holland used an American accent and went undercover at an elite NYC high school to research his role as Peter Parker.

Marvel reportedly trademarks ‘Hail Hydra’ after site redirects to Trump’s bio on the White House website

During his visit to Saudi Arabia on Sunday, Trump placed his hands on a glowing orb — setting off a new round of "Hail Hydra" jokes about the White House.