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Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Putin has touted an ‘invincible’ nuclear weapon that really exists — here’s how it works and why it deeply worries experts

Russian president Vladimir Putin showed a video of its RS-28 or "Satan 2" intercontinental ballistic missile during a speech. Here's how it might work.

Putin is bragging about being able to beat US missile defenses — and he’s absolutely correct

Instead of worrying about defense, the US just builds its own nuclear missiles, which Russia also can't stop.

US ballistic missile defense just doesn’t work — but we keep spending billions and billions on it

The US has spent more than $40 billion on missile defense projects over the last 15 years, and has no real credible capability to show for it.

Russia is reportedly shipping its advanced S-400 anti-aircraft missile system to China

Russia has started delivering its S-400 surface-to-air missile system to China under the terms of a contract signed in 2014.
A surface-to-surface Agni V missile during the Republic Day parade in New Delhi, January 26, 2013.

India’s latest missile test puts it closer to joining an exclusive club and will ‘make China think twice’

The test "reaffirms the country's indigenous missile capabilities and further strengthens our credible deterrence," India's Defense Ministry said.
An F-35B begins its short takeoff from the USS America with an external weapons load.

The F-35 could intercept a North Korean missile launch — but it could bring an all-out war

"Very simple — what we're trying to do is shoot [air-to-air missiles] off F-35s in the first 300 seconds it takes for the missile to go up in the air."
Member of a special force loyal to the Houthi rebels holds an RPG launcher as he rides atop a vehicle during a military parade in Sanaa

US missile defenses fired 5 shots at an incoming target — and it looks as if they all missed

A missile expert told The New York Times: "You shoot five times at this missile and they all miss? ... That's shocking because this system is supposed to work."
Russian S-400 Triumph surface-to-air missile systems during the Victory Day parade, marking the 71st anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, at Red Square in Moscow, May 9, 2016.

Turkey has completed its purchase of Russia’s advanced missile system, and relations with NATO are still tense

Turkey has wrapped up its purchase of Russia's S-400 missile-defense system and says it wants to keep working with NATO, but the West seems wary.

This is the advanced missile-defense system Russia is selling to US allies

India is the third US ally to agree to purchase the S-400 from Russia since September.

Here’s how easy it is for the US president to launch a nuclear weapon

The process that the US government has to go through to fire a nuke is an intricate process but it can happen in only a few minutes.