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A ton of great games came out this year — these are the 10 best

It's been quite a year. At least we've got good games to play, eh?
This is "HQ Trivia," the delightful trivia app that's taken iPhone by storm.

‘HQ Trivia’ isn’t on Android yet, but a very similar game called ‘The Q’ is — here’s what it’s like to...

After playing a few games of "The Q" last week, I'm here to tell you what it is and what it isn't.

The biggest iPhone game of 2017, HQ Trivia, is coming to Android for Christmas

Get ready, HQties! HQ Trivia is finally headed to Android, just in time for Christmas.

Android creator Andy Rubin is back at his phone startup after allegations of an ‘inappropriate’ relationship at Google

Android creator and Essential CEO Andy Rubin has returned to his smartphone startup.

Apple is flat after Tim Cook’s big speech about apps in China

Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed optimism about a handful of apps removed from China's App Store in a speech in Guangzhou.

This year’s Cyber Monday was a huge reckoning for retailers

Retailers that are ignoring the mobile experience are about to be left behind, if Cyber Monday's record-setting sales are anything to go by.
We think POPiN could change the way people exercise.

I tried a new fitness app that charges you for every minute you spend at the gym — here’s what it’s like to use

We tried the new fitness app POPiN and think it could be very useful for people who don't want to pay for pricey gym memberships or day passes.

Nintendo’s huge bet on Mario for smartphones still hasn’t paid off

Despite being downloaded by millions, Nintendo says its smartphone game "Super Mario Run" still hasn't "reached an acceptable profit point."
Brooke Amelia Peterson shows off an iPhone X in a YouTube video posted last week.

Apple fired an iPhone X engineer after his daughter’s hands-on video went viral

After a YouTube vlogger posted a video showing off her dad's iPhone X, Apple responded by firing the engineer.