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LeBron James being guarded by Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in the NBA Finals.

YouTube logo will be on the NBA Finals courts as part of a new advertising deal

YouTube TV will become the Finals' first ever presenting sponsor, and will get its logo displayed on the court and in the arena, plus commercial spots.

Isaiah Thomas showed he could provide a valuable service to LeBron James and the Cavs in his first game

Isaiah Thomas made clear just how valuable he could be to another Cavaliers run to the Finals in just 19 minutes of action.

Kevin Durant gave up $10 million for the upcoming season, and it could quietly be the most consequential move of the NBA offseason

The reigning Finals MVP took much less money than expected, and the move will help the Warriors keep their championship team together.

Draymond Green and LeBron James got into a social media war and the rest of the NBA started taking sides

Things have escalated in the NBA meme war that started with a shirt LeBron wore at last year's parade in Cleveland.

Steve Kerr explained why the Warriors didn’t go to one of their greatest weapons until they needed it most

Steve Kerr prefers to run plays with more ball and player movement, but in Game 5, he finally busted out the Stephen Curry-Kevin Durant pick-and-roll.

Draymond Green slyly trolled the Cavs with his T-shirt during the Warriors’ championship parade

One year after LeBron James trolled the Warriors with his t-shirt choice, Draymond Green got his revenge at the Warriors' championship parade.

Obama sent Kevin Durant a congratulatory text just hours after winning his first NBA championship

The 44th president of the United States complimented the star Warriors player on his defense.

Steve Kerr reportedly decided in November that he wouldn’t accept an invitation to the White House if the Warriors won the championship

The Warriors said they haven't made an official decision on visiting the White House if they're invited, but the writing is on the wall that they would skip it.

How a 1972 book about tennis helps Warriors coach Steve Kerr deal with high-pressure situations

The book offers key lessons for dealing with instances in which the anxious brain might sabotage whatever you are trying to accomplish.

LeBron James’ Herculean effort against the stacked Warriors proved there’s still no one better in the NBA

The first player to average a triple-double in the history of The Finals, LeBron showed the world that he's still the best player on Earth.